When Do You Tell Your Employer You Are Pregnant

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angelgabby84 - October 30

I live in the UK and although my employer knows I am pregnant, do I need to tell them formally in writing. When do I talk to them about maternity leave. How long will I get? so many questions


Tory1980 - October 30

You need to tell them AT LEAST 15 weeks before the start of the week your baby is due (basically around 24 weeks if not before). You do need to put in writing on when you want to take the time off from and roughly until. Laws have changed since April here. Pregnant employees have four key rights: 1/ paid time off for ante-natal care 2/ maternity leave of at least 26 weeks (52 weeks if the week your baby is due begins on or after 1 April 2007) 3/ maternity pay benefits, usually Statutory 4/ Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance, and in some cases a Sure Start Maternity Grant provided they meet certain conditions. They will also have to do a risk a__sessment depending on your job. You won;t be able to get paid time off for ante-natal appointments until you have told them you are pregnant so the sooner the better. You also have the right to tell them it is to remain confidential until you agree on a time for co-workers to know. protection against unfair treatment or dismissal


Tory1980 - October 30

Sorry, hit submit before I was finished! You need to also be aware though that if you are off for any pregnancy related illness in the four weeks before you have said you will be starting your maternity leave that maternity leave will automatically start from that day ie if you say you want to go off around 35 weeks but you are in the hospital or sick from 31 weeks onwards your maternity leave will start then. If you look on w w w dot direct dot gov dot uk (obviously minus the spaces etc) it will give you more info.


Gemini_Girl - October 30

Hi, you need to put it in writing at least 24wks before your baby is due, I wrote my employers a letter it said that I plan to start maternity leave 6wks before my due date, I wrote that I plan to return but I didnt know when but I would give them 28 days notice before the date I return. The way the pay works is 6weeks pay at 90% and 33wks at £112 of your wage, (your employers claim this back from the inland revenue, so they are not out of pocket) some employers are really good and top it up! So thats 39wks paid leave, you are ent_tled to more time off than that, but it may be unpaid. You can pick up a Sure Start Maternity Grant application form from your jobcentre and apply from 29wks+ and can get up to £500 depending on your circ_mstances. Tory is right the sooner you tell them the better, so you can get paid time off for appointments. Goodluck :)



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