When Do You Usually Get Your First Ultrasound

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Leahp - January 27

Hi Ladies, just wondering when the docs did your first ultrasound, I'll be seven weeks gestational age next week when I go to the doc and wondering if they will do an u/s?


eyebeeablessing2u - January 27

I had one done at 7 weeks only bc I had some bleeding which ended up being a dissapperaing twin and implantation bleeding. As far as a normal pregnancy they usually do one o nly at 20 weeks or so, if complications they do them sooner and more frequently.


tiffani - January 27

It really depends on your doctor. I had a v____al U/S at 7 weeks, and a traditional one somewhere around week 18. Some only do 1 U/S throughout your entire pregnancy. If you are in a high risk category, you can expect to have them often.


Lyn - January 27

I had my first one at 10 weeks and then one again at 20 weeks...it just depends on your doctor and hospital


To Leahp - January 27

I agree w/tiffani. I am high risk and I get them often. My first was at 4 weeks...then again at 6 weeks....then my last one was at 19 weeks. I have another one the 1st week of Feb because they couldn't get all the data they needed due to the way ny baby girl was positioned at the time.


Tasha - January 28

I had my first one done v____ally at 10 weeks. My 2nd one was done at 22 weeks and it was done on top of the stomach. ~26 wks 5 days preg.~


JF - January 28

My doctor does the first v____al us between 8-10 weeks and then an official us with a professional doctor that specializing in ultrasounds between 18-20 weeks.


w - January 28

I was 12 weeks wen i got my 1st ultrasound, but my stupid dr's forgot to forward my referrel letter, am sure ur suppose to have one earlier than that to check out ur dates. I would push for one coz i felt that I got neglected!


KM - January 28

w, I think the average is anywhere from 16-20 wks. i got mine at 18. I only had one, just to confirm the date and check everything. MOST places (because ultrasound time is so precious and costly) will only do one or two, unless they have reason to be concerned, Then, you would go for profiles weekly.This is just a more detailed ultrasound. this is everything Ive been told about them, but like the ladies are saying it all depends on the doctor and hospital


Tasha - January 28

Im eight weeks today and had my first appt and they told me they will schedule an ultrasound for aprox. 12 weeks. :)



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