When Does Lactation Occur

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h - August 17

when does lactation start? what is it like? I've read that at first its not reg., just a little. thanks


BBK - August 18

With my wife it happened at the end of day 3 though colostrum was present in about 2 hours after birth. A good supply (4oz per 3 hours) was not establised till about a week later. Baby slept most of the time, but on the second day we had to give her formula to stop her crying. We continued supplementing with formula for the first week and then it was 90% b___stmilk. We still (now week 5) give the baby 2oz formula before sleeping so she sleeps longer (about 5 to 6 hours a night). Each mom is different and you may get a good supply right away.


Lena - August 18

Lactation is triggered by a hormone known as Oxytocin. Oxytocin is also the hormone that causes uterine contractions during parturition. I'm a horse breeder so I can't say about humans, but with the horses we'll give them an oxytocin injection a few hours after parturition if the milk production is low.


h - August 18

I am 22 weeks, and I've had just a little bit of clear leakage...it really grossed me out actually because I wasn't expecting it at all. What is this? will it continue to be there? And its just coming from 1 nipple...whats up with that?


Lissi - August 18

I didn't get any colostrum until I was 34 weeks. It doesn't happen very often and it's only one b___st at a time with me. It's pretty gross, when you wake up with stains on your nightshirt in the morning. Kind of fascinating at the same time though. I'm really worried after reading BBK's post now. I wonder how common it is, to not produce enough milk at the beginning?


miranda - August 18

Most women won't have any trouble with supply. You won't have too much for the first couple days - but this is okay because the baby won't be very hungry yet, so colostrum will keep him happy. Then about day 2 or 3 your b___sts will suddenly become engorged with milk, and it will be quite plentiful for a couple days, then it will settle into whatever the baby needs.



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