When Does Morning Sickness Start If Its Going Go

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Nissa - November 13

I am almost 5 weeks pg and not experiencing any symptoms except for some off and on mild cramping (which has subsided) very sleepy, lower back pain, and thats about it. Should I expect morning sickness to be right around the corner??


Tiffany - November 13

Mine started at 5 weeks and i am 13 weeks today and still have it some. I am so tired of throwing up.


>B> - November 13

I'm 19 weeks and still waiting :) Some people just never get it


jb - November 13

Some people never get it, but it usually starts at about 6-8 weeks.


Judi - November 13

Mine started at 10 weeks and lasted until week 13. I still have a little queasiness occasionally (I'm 15 weeks now), but it got much better after week 13.


m.f - November 14

I started at about 8 weeks and lasted till 6 months and a half. That was awful for me but worth it Im now 30 weeks still have it off and on but not like before...


Tina - November 15

I started at wk 4 and it lasted for 10 weeks throwing up at mornings and then feeling ok till about 6pm then it started again. After 10 weeks I was fine and have been until last week (wk 29) and its come back. This time though its throwing up at morning and feeling nauseous around 4pm till 8pm. The smell of marmite and mcdonalds or the thought of grapefruit juice or tuna makes me want to throw up. I also have heartburn and toothache. :-( I just can't wit till end of Jan - thats when I'm due


js - November 15

HAHAHA!! I laugh because I am miserable... I didn't start morning sickness until the end of the 4th month and am still stuck with it... So... Just because you reach a certain week or month - you NEVER know when it's gonna come up - (Pun intended there...)


dwc - November 15

I was like you and wondering when morning sickness would start. Well it finally started at around 6 weeks for me and it was server hyperemesis and I am now 27 weeks and still get sick from time to time. I hope you don't get it, it is the pits.


M.A. - November 15

With my two girls I only threw up one time for each. I haven't had morning sickness at all with this pregnancy! But with this one, and my last pregnancy I've had major acid.


M.A. - November 15

P.S.- I'm 22 weeks.


Sam - November 15

My first child, I never had any symptoms of morning sickness but with my second I got them. I was unable to drink water in the mornings and felt pretty ill at night. Although I was lucky not to get them bad enough to be running to the washroom. Good Luck!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

Mine started at 6 weeks and ended by 13 weeks. I was nauseous 24-7 for a few weeks, then it went away.



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