When Is Time For Maternity Clothes

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sissy - May 3

When did some of you ladies start wearing maternity clothes? I am 21 wks and not wearing them yet. Don't know if I should be since all my pants are getting way to tight. But I feel like I would look like an indiot wearing maternity clothes and not being able to fill them out yet.


Heidi - May 3

Some women don't have to wear any at all. I don't plan on buying any. Just bigger clothes. I'm a size four right now and can still fit into them just fine at 16 weeks. My friends said they just wore bigger clothes. My maternity size is small so I figure I'll just look for bigger pants etc.


Davida - May 3

I'm 11wks and have been growing out of my reg clothes for a month now. When I couldn't close my pants anymore I had to dig into the old maternity pants! I am so much bigger at this point than I ever was with my girls! I hope that's a good sign! I can still get away with my reg tops. I like them loose and flowy but I can't have things flowing away with this belly! I read on another forum that someone found some type of band that allows you to wear your reg pants even when you cannot b___ton them anymore. She was very happy! I think she found it at Pea in a Pod.


sissy - May 3

yeah it's called "Bella Band" it's pretty cool. You leave your pants unb___toned and unzipped too I think and put the band around it.


Lissi - May 3

I started wearing them at 15 weeks. Unfortunately, I bought a pair of jeans that were too big as I was expecting to b__w up like a baloon in a matter of weeks. They kept falling down as I walked, but it was better than the discomfort of my ordinary clothes. I now have a much more suitable pair with adjustable elastic at the sides. I hate having to wear elasticated waist bands but I'd rather be comfortable. Don't worry about what other people think. Just do what's comfortable for you. I felt like an idiot looking for maternity clothes when I was barely showing too, especially as there was a guy standing in one shop who looked much more pregnant than me. I'm glad I did though because I feel like I can breathe again.


tara - May 3

if you are in-between your cloths and mat. clothes you might be better off getting some reg. clothes in bigger sizes. That's what I did for a while before actually fitting into mat. clothes as they were always too big. Also, the bigger size shirts that i got I can still wear them with and I'm sure I'll get some use after giving birth.


raj - May 3

i don't think that there is a set time. You can at any time.


Julie - May 3

First pregnany it was 5 months I got away with buying a size bigger until then this time it was about 4 months.


Karen - May 3

Well am 19.5 weeks I already in maternity clothes. So I think it is different for everyone. I grew out my regular and bigger clothes. The bottons were the first to go. I felt like you sissy when I first wore my shirts they were big with a little belly poking out.You get bigger in time. Good Luck


Christina - May 3

I am 24 weeks and tried on maternity clothes yesterday just a pair of pants they were a small and they were way too big on me. I wear mostly low rise jeans and as long as your hips dont expand my dr said I could probably wear them most of my pregnancy. You can also try using a rubberband and putting it through the loop in your pants that may work for a while.Good luck though if you dont have any hips or are just really small they may not work for you. I wear a size 2-3 and I swear I could fit 2 people in a size small pants.


April - May 3

I'm 29 weeks (7 months) and still not wearing them... I think you should just wear what is comfortable to you... when things don't quite fit you anymore, then it's time for maternity clothes...


nelly - May 4

i had to start wearing the tops at around 10 weeks but im pet_te and none of the maternity pants fit me even the smallest size so i buy the stretch denim jeans in a larger size and they work really well. but this is my 2 pregnancy and i have gained more, with my first pregnancy i didnt start having to wear bigger stuff til about 6 months.


Maria - May 10

I think you should start wearing maternity clothes just as soon as your clothes start fitting you tight even if you don't fill the clothes but it would help and give your baby room to grow and it would save you money when you buy pants that won't fit now and are probably going to be to big after you give birth...


ES - May 10

I may wear maternity pants forever. They are so comfy. I am a size 18-20 and actually the ones I bought are very flattering and I really like them. I got most of them at Old Navy. I can still wear normal shirts but the moral wear what is comfortable.


Missy - May 10

I am 19.5 weeks and have found that I am too big for my clothes but not even close to maternity clothes. I have found that Old Navy has great pants that don't even look like maternity pants that fit great! Also, wear low rise pants and pants with stretch.



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