When Should I Start To Feel Flutters

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ChristyAnn - November 6

I am 17 weeks pregnant and my Dr. said that I should start feeling little flutters by week 14, so far nothing! I went to the dr yesterday and the heartbeat is very strong but I still feel nothing. Is this normal and when should I start to feel something? Please help!


Tory1980 - November 6

Your Doctor is wrong with the 14 weeks (although I felt them earlier in my third and this pregnancy). For a first pregnancy it can be 20 weeks or later before you feel any definitive movement but with subsequent pregancies you can often feel them earlier but even then it isn't uncommon for it to be between 16 and 18 weeks - and sometimes later. It can alos depend on your weight etc as to how well you can feel movement - women who are very skinny can sometimes notice movement sooner than those that are of a bigger build. The heartbeat is strong which is good. Have you tried lying down without TV/books or phone to distract you? You may feel something then (I often felt them better flat on my back at that stage) - like having wind/gas but regular or the odd little jab.


ChristyAnn - November 6

Thanks Tory! I didn't think the 14 weeks thing was correct that is why I am going to a new Doctor on Thursday. I was starting to get a little worried about not feeling anything but what you just told me makes me feel alot better!! Who knew that some of the best advice comes from moms and not doctors. I'll try lying on my back and see if I notice anything then. Thanks again!


Deb - November 6

Yeah, 14 weeks seems really early. I felt them between 16 - 18 weeks with my first pregnancy. And even then I didn't really know that that was what I was feeling! It feels kind of like gas. Here's a trick that may help you - when I figured it out, the best way I could feel them is if I sat in a chair with my legs crossed and then I leaned forward so that my thighs were kind of compressing my stomach. Just relax and I am sure you will feel them soon!


Malica - November 7

14 weeks? Maybe on the second time around, but that's completely unrealistic for first-time moms. I wasn't sure I felt movement until about 20 or 21 weeks (I am overweight, which also means it will be a bit longer to feel it).


Louby Lou - November 12

My beautiful 8lb 10oz grandbaby was born 19 weeks ago today by emergency cesaerean section due to being breech. My daughter b___stfed for the first 2 and a half months only giving up because her milk dried up. She had a tremendous shock last week when a pregnancy test came back positive. At the moment she has not been scanned yet and so we do not know the date of delivery and how far on she is. However she can not only feel just flutters but definate prodding kicks in her bulging tummy. My daughter is very thin and works out with tight tummy muscles and she is normally an 8-10 dress size. She felt the earliest fetal movements at about 18 weeks gestation with her first baby. But obviously this fetus cannot be more than 19 weeks old so how come my daughter feels such strong kicks and is showing a tummy already? She felt flutters, was nauseous and sick about 3 weeks ago which is partly why the health visitor suggested the pregnancy test. It is interesting to read hear that other members have felt the first fetal movements early too. The fact still remains that this fetus is no more than 19 weeks old. Maybe feeling movement as early as 14 weeks could be possible for some?



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