When Should I Tell My Family

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Lumina - September 23

Hi ladies. I have had 4 BFP's and also a positive test result from the doctor. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on October 14th, but my family Thanksgiving is the week before the ultrasound. The Dr. thinks I'm about 5 or 6 weeks now, which would make me probably 7 or 8 weeks by then. Would it be a bad idea to tell them then? It just seems like it would be the perfect opportunity because the whole family would be there. Any advise would be very helpful. Thanks!


jb - September 23

Sure, Why not??! That would be a good time to tell them. Do think its that you want to wait in case something goes wrong? I told my family pretty much a week after I found out. I was about 6-7 weeks.


Lumina - September 23

Hi jb. Well I have read everywhere that I am supposed to wait for the 3 month mark before I should tell people, but it is so hard! I am a little worried of course that something might go wrong, but I think I would tell my family about it anyways.


nhb - September 23

It's entirely up to you. Some people wait until 12 weeks so that if they miscarry, they don't have to go back and tell the whole family that the baby is lost, after they've told everyone they're pregnant. That can be especially hard on kids, who don't really understand that the baby stopped growing. Other people would rather have the support of their whole family if that does happen, so it doesn't matter. If you want to tell them, go ahead; it's an entirely personal choice, and congratulations on your pregnancy!


Steph - September 23

Congrats on your BFP!! I think telling the family at Thanksgiving would be wonderful!! Your right, the whole family is going to be there and it would be the perfect opportunity. Good luck to you!


Lumina - September 23

Thanks ladies! If everything is still good by Thanksgiving, then I think we will go ahead and tell them. I'm so excited! My parents are going to freak out! (a happy freak out).


Leigh - September 23

I think that is a perfect time! Your family will be together in celebration already, so why not add to the fun? Just watch and see if you start showing before then, otherwise people might get suspicious! lol



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