When Should I Try Again

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Alisha - September 1

I just had a baby in January 2005. I was off birth control and we tried for a year before I got pregnant with him. When should I start trying again?


every day - September 1

if you want another one then you shouldnt be reading this ... but seriously having kids close in age builds a good bond between them to far apart and they a__sociate with each other much less . I'll bet most people who answer are going to say 3 years apart but I think under two years is best .


Alisha - September 1

Thank you every day for your input. You make a good point. Right now I still have "the fear" of delivery on my mind. Maybe it will go away....


CEM - September 1

Alisha - how far apart you have your children is a very personal thing that should be based on you and your life. my first two are exactly 2 years apart, and there is 2 years and 4 months between my second and third. personally, i found this time around to be much easier than the first time. that 4 months made a big difference! i know it's only 4 months, but at such a young age it's a lifetime. my middle son can do way more now than my first could at the young age of 2. i had to help him alot, and it was very hard! as far as kids further apart in age, well my 4 and-a-half year plays with the baby way more than his younger brother, and appreciates him on a deeper level. it's actually really sweet! i don't know what to say to you since it took you so long to conceive your baby, except that this time you might get pregnant right away, meaning that theoretically you could have two kids less than a year and-a-hald apart. something to think about! best of luck either way ;-)


soleil - September 1

hey Alisha I also had my baby in January 2005, except it took just that one mentrual cycle to become pg. I really want my kids to be close in age and not be like my brothers and I that are 10 and 15 years apart. But I still think of the horrible morning sickness i had and of course the delivery. So Im not sure when I should try again. I think maybe when the baby is 1-2 yrs. old to begin to try if you want them close in age.


A - September 1

I don't think kids necessarily have a better bond if they're closer in age. My sister and I are five years apart, and were always very close. I was her protector, the big sis who did her make up and hair and helped her find a cute outfit to wear. Anyhow, don't start trying until you're ready to be pregnant, because just because the last one took a year doesn't mean this one will! :)


Lynne - September 1

I think 3 1/2 - 4 years is a good age. Still in the same generation (unlike a 10-15 year gap), but you've only got one in diapers, an older one who can be a little "helper" instead of another baby, and the sibling rivalry will go WAY DOWN. Under two years is a huge mistake. I could give a thousand examples, but I'll settle with just my two younger sisters. They are a year and a half apart, almost to the day and those girls hate each other so much that it is unbelievable. (They are much younger than I am, because technically they are from my mom's second marriage). They pull each other's hair, fight over friends (so close in age = similar groups = fighting over who little girl Jane is friends with), they BEAT EACH OTHER UP and really just act like devils around each other. Now, put them in a separate area, and they are just fine. It is just each other that they hate. When my mom pairs one of them with one of the older girls (aged 16 and 15) then they are fine with them - it's that age gap again. Enough to stay in the same era, but separate the tension of basically being the same age. Whenever you decide you want to have kids, just remember that it could take a day or a year to conceive, so be prepared for the most hectic version and good luck! :)


karine - September 1

i have a 3yrs daughter and my son will be 2 in november. its the best. they dont always get along, but they share everything. and everytime we plan outings we dont have to worry about the age...we just plan and it;s good for both kids. i grew up with 7rs apart from my sister and i didnt like it. we are trying for a last and thrid child.



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