When Should My Baby Flip

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Mary - August 22

I am 31 weeks and want to know when he will change positions and be head down? So far I can feel his little head way above my belly button and he still kicks the heck out of my bladder :). Just want to know when I should start worrying about a C-section ... yikes!


Britt - August 23

My baby is still in the breech position and my doc told me today that at around 34 weeks, she will manually turn him if he hasn't done so on his own.


Incognito - August 23

My baby went head down at 36 weeks.


Justine - August 23

Mary - I also thought my baby was breech because I just feel him by my cervix and only occa__sionally by my belly b___ton. However, I had my 28 week checkup yesterday and the midwife put the baby's position as ceph, which means head down. I was very surprised but she found the heartbeat low down so your baby may not be breech. He may just be headb___ting like mine! Even if it is I read at 32 weeks 15% of babies are still not head down but by birth this percentage goes down to only 3% to 4%. Of these 3% to 4% half are successfully turned by doctors. So its very likely your baby will turn or be turned - only 1 to 2% aren't. Even if it doesn't turn and the doctors are unsuccessful at turning it only one of the three breech positions requires a C-section. So you really shouldn't worry.


Me - August 23

Babies can keep turning right up to the last month of pregnancy, so even if it's breech at 31 weeks, it could change post_tion several times before it finally settles. My baby was head down at 25 weeks, breech at 34 weeks, then head down again and ready for birth at 36 weeks. You're baby has plenty of time to get into the right position.


Mary - August 23

Thanks for the answers, I feel much at ease now and elated (sp) that my little one will soon be in "landing position" :)


Frank (for a while) - August 23

Hey Mary, they can try to flip your baby while you are in labor. A c-section will be a last resort.


Mary - August 23

hey Frank :)! My body was made for a natural delivery (huge hips!) it would be a shame to have a c-section with this God given a__sets! :) Also, I am preparing myself to attempt a medication free delivery, too! Wish me luck.


To Frank - August 23

I used a fake name and now someone keeps accusing me of being you! It's all getting very confusing. :)


Frank - August 23

I know. If you say something that someone does not like, you are automatically the former E. People need to worry about themeselves and stop busting up everyones day.


miranda - August 23

My baby was breech during an ultrasound at 31 weeks, the next week at my checkup, baby was head down. To still have a baby in breech position at term is unlikely. I think the percentage is 2-3%.


Mary - August 23

Thanks for the info, Miranda. Knowing me and my luck, I never win the lottery or anything like that, but I am always the most likely to be in the 3% you just mentioned. :)


miranda - August 23

Hee hee! You sound a lot like me. If you are worried about it there's plenty of things you could try to get him to turn. I put a bag of frozen veggies on the top of the uterus and I did feel a lot of movement afterwards - that might have done the trick. There's also positions you can get into, exercises, and acupuncture. I wouldn't worry too much at 31 weeks, though.



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