When Should You Start Planning A Baby Shower

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Shameara - April 1

When should you start planning a baby shower if the mother is do to have the baby in October 11, 2205


JLorenzo - April 1

My wife had to start planning her back in January. The baby is due in early May and our shower is tomorrow. She had alot of people coming in from out of town and they had to book tickets.


Sonya - April 1

My last pregnancy I was due at the middle/end of June and my baby shower was in mid May. I think baby showers should be at least 1-2 months prior to due date because you never know when that baby is coming.


tara - April 1

mine is being planned for my 7th month of pregnancy. I don't want to have it any sooner.


Xiomara - April 1

My daugther is due on sept her due date is sept 15 but she might have the baby on the end of Aug. Tell me what month i should have a baby shower for her. [email protected] Thank you.


klm - April 1

I would plan to have it some time in August. It never hurts to start planning several months ahead of time so you have to stress over everything at the last minute!!!


klm - April 1

BTW that comment was directed at Shameara. Xiomara I would plan your daughters shower for the end of June or July.


A - April 1

It is probably safer to do it 2 months before. My sister's shower was on Jan. 18. She was due feb. 15. She went into labor and had the baby the 18th- so she never got a shower beofore the babe :(. My sister-in-law was due April 25. We had her shower March 12 and she had the baby March 19, sot it was a good thing!


chel - April 1

Generally the shower should be held around 8 weeks before you are due. This will give you time to buy anything you still need.


nancy - April 1

there it goes jlorenzo again seriously this guy is everywhere


Liz - April 1

You typically have the shower 6-8 weeks ahead of the due date. Good luck!


leslie - April 1

I think is good to have it like 2 or 3 mths bef. that way after the babyshower you will know what you still need for the baby and then you can confortably go to the store and buy it..if its later you may feel too tired to go out or it may hurt to walk too much in the stores or mall...just my opinion.Good Luck!


Alma - April 1

Should the mom-to-be plan her own shower or is that her family's job? I'm asking because this is my first pregnancy, and every shower I've been to has been hosted by the mom-to-be's family or friends.


KellyB - April 1

Typically someone else throws you a shower. My mom and cousin are doing mine, I am not supposed to know about it, but I know it's in early June and I am due early August. I think 2 months in advance is good, 'cause if you need to pick up stuff you didn't get, you have plenty of time.


Lovely - April 2

Can all of you please call my in-laws?!?!?! My first child- I didn't get a baby shower because I kicked up a fuss after my in-laws insisted I have the shower AFTER the baby was born, so everyone could see the baby. I said that if the baby shower was AFTER the baby was born, it would be pointless. First off, because I would already have everything I needed. I'm not going to wait until my baby is 6 weeks old to have a shower, and wait for all the things I needed... 8 weeks earlier. I also said I would be in no physical condition to play hostess... I would be tired, seeing as I'm a first time mom and all. I ended up insulting them, as they believe that you should have the shower AFTER the baby is born, 'in case something happens', and so everyone with communicable dieseases can paw your new baby! I never got a shower, and I have to admit I'm bitter. Now that we are finally expecting our second child, I am planning a shower, when "I" want. Now for those who don't know me, the logical question would be "why are you having a shower for your second child"... well, after losing 4 pregnancies, I began to resent all the baby items I had, taking up room that was a reminder of my inability to have more children, so I gave it all away. ALL OF IT.. clothes, toys, furniture whatever. So, second time around, it's like having my first child. I don't even have a baby face cloth left. So... I'm having a shower... about 8 weeks before the baby comes.... and when my in-laws balk, will you all call them and tell them they are wrong? I would really appreciate that! LOL!


To Lovely - April 2

Are you having a shower for yourself?


Michaela - April 2

My baby is due July 18th.My baby shower is June 20th.Start planning it early since your only about 3 months pregnant it kinda early.But, start thinking about it.Expescially if you have people comming out of town they need to pack and get tickets!



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