When To Have A Baby Shower

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M.E.J. - October 26

What's the best time to give or have a baby shower? A month or less before the due date? Or more than a month before the due date? Is three months before too soon? Just want to be proper in the time. What do people usually do? I thought it was usually a month or less before the due date.


Tiffany - October 26

I am having mine at 5-6 months but that is because DH is in the Military and we are going to get stationed somewhere else right after that. You can have it pretty much whenever you want to.


klmr - October 26

If it were me, I would want it about 6 weeks to 10 weeks before the due date.


to MEJ - October 27

klmr, has a good range in mind. I would only add that it's important to look at holidays and birthdays too. November-January is packed full of holidays and many people will take their children on vacation for spring break at the end of April. The proper time is the time that is best for the mom and the guests she is most anticipating seeing.


karine - October 27

i had it when iw as 7month pregnant. but each do it differently, i liked it cause it gave me still plenty of time to go shopping for things i didnt receive at the shower


s - October 27

at LEAST 6 weeks before due date. three months isn't too soon. you will be miserable if you wait a month or less before the due date. some women deliver 2 weeks before when the baby is considered full term also. you will be miserable if you have it too late. i know because i had two of them...the first was 3 weeks before he came (8 days early) and the second one was the following weekend and i was miserable in my last month...you will need time to bring back the things you got in multiples and get the things you didn't receive and you will want to be as comfortable as possible. don't wait until the last month...i wish i would have had mine when i was 7 months.


Ashley - October 27

*sniff* I am due mid to end of Feb and my mom and her best friend are planning the shower for the end of January..... I am going to have NO TIME to shop or do returns and I am going to be huge and it makes me so mad. It's bad enough it's people I haven't seen in like years that I'm not close to at all to see me at my most vulerable time and get all of their advice. I was hoping not to have to buy some of the stuff I need but I don't know now . . . . . GO FOR 3 MONTHS early!!!!! I pushed for November but nobody backed me up on it. *groan*



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