When To Reject A C Sec

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Leahp - June 14

Hey ladies, I had a friend who just had a baby and was very upset with her doctor!! She was coming along fine, maybe not as fast as he would of liked her too, but he was trying to push for a c-sec so he could get off his shift and make it to a memorial day b-b-q. I don't know how she found that out, but she rejected a c-sec and had the baby fine!! I am now worried that the doc may push a c-sec on me since they're so routine these days. When should one allow a doc to go ahead and do a c-sec, I know there are so many scenarios, but can anyone give me an idea of when a c-sec is extremely necessary!


Jamie - June 14

I'd say, only go for a c-section if there are any complications...and if you don't trust your doctor, get a second opinion.


Maddie - June 14

That's too bad that there we should have to worry about that. I'm worried about it too, also doctor's who know you're on medicaid will push for different medicines or catheters, epidural, etc. because they make more money from the insurance that way. My suggestion, and what I'm going to do is just have my mom (or someone you trust) by my side to think clearly (as my hubby and I will not be). She knows exactly what I want and she will ask all the necessary questions. I will also tell her how I feel and if she sees fit, she will argue my point, cause I probably won't be able to.


Maleficent - June 14

i would ONLY concider a c-section if my life or the babys life were at risk, or if the baby was breech. never never ever to fit into the doctors weekend plans. what an a__s hole. i'd get a new doctor if i found out mine has encouraged un-nessisary intervention on anyone.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 14

I had to have one after 52 hours of induced labor, after I made it to 9 1/2 cm. My cervix wouldn't dialate any further (failure to progress), and my daughter was in distress because she was stuck in the birth ca___l, which was too small for her to fit through. That was a great reason for my C section. A close friend of mine was given a C Section 8 hours after her water broke (she was 6 cm dialated) because the doctor was fearful of infection, although she and the baby had no signs of it. She feels very strongly that the C/S was done to get the baby delivered for the doctors convience. She is planning to deliver baby #2 any day now by VBAC with a different doctor at a different hospital. My best advice to you would be to learn as much as you can (from the internet, friends, and your doctor) about the reasons for C section (fetal distress, failure to progress, breech position, infection) and some of the believed causes of C/S these days. (induced labor, pitocin, doctors schedule) Arm yourself with info and make it absolutely clear to your doctor that you want a C/S as a very last resort, and only in an emergent situation. In the end, if you do end up with a C/S, take some comfort in knowing that it's not as bad as some make it out to be. I'll be having my 3rd C/S in about 19 weeks. Good luck! :o)


Samantha B - June 14

Mal maybe we were seperated at birth... Everytime I come to post you have already posted what I was gonna say!


LKJ - June 14

You decide if you want a C-section or not and if you only want it if the baby or you are in danger then that's how it is! DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS!! This is on my mind as well considering I am due around Christmas. I'm afraid the Dr. want to spend his day with the family but you know what, too bad! Also in response to Maleficent, if the baby is a breech, there are ways to turn the baby before delivery to avoid a C-section. C-sections are much more difficult to recover from and some wants to avoid it if possible.


Jodie - June 14

OMG i cant believe that doctors would put women through major abdominal surgery just so they can still carry on with their plans. Thank god midwives will be delivering my baby


Jessie - June 14

I too think you should have some one there of clear mind that knows what you want to make the decision for you. Good luck!


BBK - June 14

Hmm, there are doctors (and patients) who are more c-section friendly and those will will only resort to it if absolutely necessary. It's a tough call usually, but most of the time breech or transverse babies will most likely go c-section. If your labor is unusually long and the baby is in distress or is unusually big..... that's a c-section. Ask your doctor how he feels about c-sections. I specifically asked my wife's gyno a couple of days ago and he opts and encourages v____al births. He said if he thinks that anything could go wrong he'd go for a cesarian, but will give his best for v____al. It's more like a philosophy today, so don't be afraid to ask him where he stands. Good luck with your pregnancy and delivery!


E - June 14

You should ask your hospital if they have the stats on hospital's c-section rates. Mine was required to furnish them. Only two states are required. I had a c due to a placental abruption. Glad I didn't opt for a home birth! If your placenta tears away from the uterus, a c is necessary. The placenta is the life of the baby, and when it tears, the baby can become deprived of oxygen.


KH - June 14

get a doula who will advocate for you through thick and thin.


Nancy - June 15

I was very into trying natural birth. I did not want a C-S especially after watching the video in birthing cla__s. I was induced and labor came on fast and strong and first came the drugs and after several hours and epidural. My son got stuck on my pelvic bone when I was pushing and even though I had an epidural the presure was intense. I was asking for a C-S. I just wanted it over with. I was not as bad as I thought it would be and the recovery was fine at least I could sit down after and I was up and around in a couple of days. And I did not have to worry about my son being sucked out of me with some strange object and having an odd shaped head for everyone to see. Not that it would have been a problem.


dm - June 15

I had a c-section with my daughter b/c she was breech. The doctor wanted to try and turn her but I didn't feel comfortable with that. Good thing we didn't try b/c (we didn't know this until she was born) but she was born with a disability called arthrogryposis. Turning her would have probably killed us both. I say trust your doc to some extent but go with your instincts. I had a really hard time recovering from my c-section but I know everyone is different. With my next one, I will definately not have a c-section unless it is completely necessary for the baby or my well being.


Teena - June 16

I had a c-section with my first baby, because he was in distress and the doc needed to get him out quickly. With my second one, though, I was able to have a VBAC. My doc sees no reason why I can't have a VBAC this time, too. Of course, my c-section baby was almost 2 pounds lighter than my VBAC baby!


Sam - June 16

I've had a rough time with this issue. I talked to my doc and he said he wouldn't do a c-sec unless it was absolutely needed. Then i found out that there would only be a 30% chance my doc would be there on the day i deliver. The hospital docs and nurses would take over in that case. So I asked for hospital c-sec stats. You'd have thought I was asking for government secrets!!! I actually had to go through a lawyer. Turns out, this hospital has actually given 9 FORCED c-sections in the past 10 years. By forced, i mean, the doctors went to a lawyer who got a court order to MAKE the woman have a c-sec. I freaked!!!! I'm at 23 weeks right now and I'm at a crossroad. I'm in a small town so there is only one hospital and i'm on Medicaid so I have no choice as to what provider i use. Do I get a dozen support people, a bunch of legal paperwork ready just in case, and have this baby at this crock of a hospital or do I go somewhere else (out of town) to have my baby and say "Screw it" to Medicaid? It's alot of stress and work in either case. The point I'm trying to make is that you should check this stuff out! WAY before your due date. You never know what dark little secrets are hiding where. It's better to be prepared that to be caught like those poor 9 women who were forced against their will to have c-sections!


E - June 16

Why are you so against a c-section? It is truly easier than pushing a baby through your v____a. Everyone acts like they are the worst thing in the world. Don't knock it till you try it:) I knocked it and ended up having one, much to my delight. I felt like a cheat, in the sense that I didn't go the whole nine yards like a pregnant woman should. A c-section was so easy.



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