When To Start Shopping For Baby

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Amy - June 30

I am only 5 weeks pregnant and I am so excited about this pregnancy... I know the risks for miscarriage is high for up to 3 months or so.. But I see so many CUTE unis_x clothes at shops and even at Local Thrift stores... Am I being stupid to buy these so soon? When is a good time to start shoping for your baby? Clothes, Crib, etc.?


To Amy - June 30

I'd say whenever you want. Theres so much to get it's nice to start slow. Just don't go to crazy because you will get a ton of clothes at your shower. If you see something you like buy it. It always makes my day to look at the outfits I have got and think there's going to be a little one wearing them soon. Have fun!


jb - June 30

I am only about 8 weeks and I have bought several onesies, burp clothes, and blankets, all neutral colors of course. My husband went grocery shopping today and was so proud of himself b/c he bought a pack of diapers and wipes. It was so cute! I think its good to stock up early.


sheila - July 1

its hard to resist buying things especially when you know you are pregnant. i just would watch and not overstock and definitely wait until about 4 months pregnant to buy a crib or anything big---heaven forbid anything bad to happen. i had a miscarriage one time and i swore it was because i got too excited and wanted the baby too bad. but if you are like me you have to buy it all---no donations from a close relative and no shower to look forward to--so its best to start early. those months will fly by. just dont buy too much--your baby will grow so fast it will hardly even wear them------best thing to do is buy mainly from the thrift store. i do and i couldn't spend my money any better.


Steph - July 1

My daughter did not need for me to buy anything (for the most part) until she was two years old. Once I was about three months along, I bought everything that was on sale. I knew when she was going to be born (obviously) and then calcualted what types of clothes she would be needing at certain points during her first couple of years. All her clothes where purchased off season and on clearance, the only way to shop btw!!! For instance, my daughter is going to be seven on 7-6-05 and she is in a size 7-8, but she has a nice $70 winter coat for when she is in size 12-13 that i bought at Sears for $10. Bargin shopping is wonderful!!!!!! And very beneficial!!! The one thing that I wish I would have bought while I was pregnant was diapers, and a lot of them. You can never have too many and a bulk/stock of them is wonderful. Shop away!!!


Lynn - July 1

I say if you got the urge to go shopping then do it..there are alot of great sales going on right now..just hold onto your reciepts and put them somewhere just incase...I started getting clothes before I started trying to get pregnant and got the stroller around 3 months and the crib around 5 months but I say do whatever makes you happy and just hold onto the reciepts and you should be good to go :)


Lissi - July 1

I'd wait until the second trimester. You'll be over the most risky time then. My mum started buying me stuff when I was 10 weeks, and I kept thinking, "What if something goes wrong?". I'm 30 weeks now, and I have everything I need, but I still worry that something bad will happen and I'll have to come home and confront all these baby things. I'd say try and get it all before 30 weeks though, because if you're anything like me, you won't enjoy walking for very long at this stage. :)


Heidi - July 1

I started shopping when the garage sales started this spring. I was about 4 months along by then. I bought TONS of clothes for next to nothing. All in great/new shape too for like a dollar an outfit if not less. I bought a ba__sinet right away just because I found one at a baby exchange store for $40.00. I don't have a crib yet but will eventually. I'm 24 wks now and I know the ba__sinet will work a couple months. I will wait for the shower and then stock up on what I don't have. I also bought ahead like someone else said. When you can get clothes at garage sales or clearance isles for a buck or two, you can't go wrong buying for the next season in a bigger size. I even found a cute halloween costume for a 24 month old. I couldn't help it. It was only $3.00. If you don't use the stuff, you can always have your own sale some day and probably get the money back. I know I will on everything I bought. I got a like new fisher price bouncy seat that plays music and has lights and vibrates for $5.00 at a garage sale too. I'm not done yet either! Rummage saling is sooo fun. It's amazing all the like new stuff people sell that told me they wore once or never wore at all. I'm expecting an October baby so I got lots of halloween onsies that never got worn. My sister in law got me two bags of infant toys from Gymboree at a garage sale or like a quarter a piece. You really can save a lot at sales. I'll save my money for when she starts demanding new clothes at fashion stores. Scary!!!!


Jodie - July 1

I work in a baby wear department of a store and have bought heaps, i cant help myself, although i do wait til they come on special. I bought a lot before i got pregnant too, not because i was trying but i knew my brother and his wife were trying, so i have heaps of girls and boys clothing which i probably paid around $2 -$4 each for. The best thing is im having a boy and my sister in law is having a girl :) Oh by the way im 22 weeks pregnant and have got everything i need now, i started shopping early too


littlemrsb - July 1

I started looking for maternity clothes on clearance right away. I was really glad I did! But like Steph, I think it is good to stock up on anything useful that is on clearance. Especially if you don't think you will have a very big shower. You will be the smarter shopper in the long run. Concerning miscarriage, that's just up to you to take that risk. I don't know what the statistics are, but you can't live your life on the "what if's" either. Congratulations. I hope you have a blessed pregnancy.


lynnstress - July 1

I'm 16 wks with our first, and we just bought a crib last weekend. Haven't even thought about clothes, except for telling my sister today that she needs to go garage sale-ing with me this summer. To each her own.


lynnstress - July 1

Also - I'm still waiting a while because most stores have a no-return-after-90-days policy anymore - the b___ds!!! :)


tracey - July 2

ladies, i waited for awhile. I just was sitting on the fence, then suddenly thought about the sales, the yard sales, etc. I am starting now because with 3 older children-6,5 and 3- we are buying the small things then closer to His birth, I can afford the crib-OMG! ha ha... anyways, get to it!



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