When To Tell A Boss

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Anna - July 20

Just thought I would ask everyones opion, when do you think you should tell your boss that you are preg. I have been having morning sickness alot and I work in the morning but I jsut stick it out. Should I be telling my boss and asking for evenings or you think it is to early.


jb - July 20

I dont know how far along you are... Some people wait to tell their work until after the first trimester. I told my boss as soon as I went to the Dr and got it confirmed. I was only 6 weeks. But i knew my work would be supportive.


KrisD - July 20

Careful... I told my boss early (7 weeks or so?) b/c I was so sick with migraines. She was less than supportive so it has been a brutally long pregnancy for me. If you are like jb and know your work will be supportive, than that is a much different story though! Good luck!


AH - July 20

I will be telling my boss the week of my last week of 1st trimester (week 12).


geri - July 20

if you don't mind me asking..what is your job? i think that makes a difference...but personally....i have always waited until the very last min..actually i never told...they just eventually figured it out..by not telling that set the standard in the realtionship that my personal business was personal and had nothing to do with my work..by mentioning it and talking about it at work it makes it part of your work unnecesarily...i think it wise not to mention it


Anna - July 20

THanks for all your answers. I am 12 weeks into it and I work at homecare. I go to peoples homes and look after them. Last time I was preg I m/c when I was 14 wks so I for sure don't wnat to tell before then, but I have a good relationship with my boss.


Jodie - July 20

I started showing at 8 weeks so thats when my boss's found out


dagirl - July 21

Anna, I wouldn't tell them until at least after ur first trimester. This is what happened to me: I told my boss ( i was 7 weeks) 2 days later i misscarried. I regretted saying anything. Now i'm trying again...wish me luck!


Anna - July 21

hey guys thanks for all your answers. Ya I think to wait till m/c rate goes down. I can just see her saying though well why didn't you tell me then if you were sick we would work something out. Hey guess you can't do everything. Good luck to you all that are having kids. If you anything like me this is 2nd preg, first one m/c so I am a little scaried, plus lately I have been having some c___pping at night. People say I am just growing but i am not



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