When To Tell Family Then Friends About Pregnancy

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Jena - April 5

hi - i'm only like, 3-4 weeks (!) but I was wondering if anyone could tell me when you told your family and then friends about your pregnancy? I know that at about 3 months you hear the heartbeat and after that your pregnancy is 99% viable... but did anyone tell their families before then? Thanks in advance!!


carrie - April 5

actually, you can hear the heartbeat somewhere around 8-9 weeks. we told the family after the dr. appt. when we heard the heartbeat. i thought about waiting til after 3 months in case of miscarriage, but i figured i would rather have them know so they could support and comfort us in case of a miscarriage.


Maleficent - April 5

we have always told people right away. my friends and family are a wonderful source of support and encouragement. like carrie said, if anything were to happen to the pregnancy i would need their comfort more than ever.


jena - April 5

thank you so much, girls... how come so many people wait until the 3-month mark?


nhb - April 5

I wait until the 3-month mark; partially b/c I didn't find out until past then before, but partially too, because I had a pregnancy before where it was a "missed abortion" which means the baby stopped growing, and they had to do a D&C @ 11 weeks--so I had to tell EVERYONE what happened; I hated reliving that for all my family and friends, so from now on, I'm waiting to tell everyone, and just telling a select few until that time.


tiffani - April 5

I have a big mouth and can't keep a secret, so I spill the beans as soon as I find out myself. I know a lot of people are cautious because of the fear of miscarriage, but I feel the support would be detrimental to my healing. I also appreciate all the help with my kids in the first trimester, because it is so exhausting building a baby for those first 12 weeks. :o)


BBK - April 5

Jena, it depends on your philosophy and situation. I know for example that my mother worries a lot and has high blood pressure. I would not want to upset her. So we waited till all was clear. Good news are easy to communicate, but bad news is not.


Ashley - April 5

We told our families right away and waited 3 months to tell friends.


jena - April 5

I might do what you did, Ashley... tell family maybe next week after u/s (I'll still only be 4-5 weeks though - I found out unusually early) because I don't want my parents to be hurt that I didn't tell them until 3 months... but then again, I think my mom might need 8 months to adjust to the news - she doesn't know we are TTC and does NOT like surprises!!! Thank you everyone for all of your experiences!!!!


raye lynn - April 5

we announced to the world in a website at 6 weeks i think? we couldn't wait. it was just such a shock. i never wanted children. now i am excited.


** - April 6

it's safest to wait until the 3-month mark.


kd - April 6

I told my Mom and Dad right away... About the 5 week mark. I figured I could use the support from my Mom. But we didn't tell anyone else till just before the 3 month mark. It is our first and we just wanted to make sure everything was okay...



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