When To Tell My Family

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sweetcrabhoney18 - May 12

Ok I'm not to going to say I "think" I'm pregnant.. I know I am.. And my baby will be due around Christmas.. talk about a nice present! Anyways.. I'm 19.. My husband and I live with my mother because we are still searching for a nice home. I work from home I have a non profit company and 4 for profit companies, while he works at ATT. My mother freaked when I told her.. but since she's an OBGYN.. she already knew even before I even took the test. Anyways.. what I'm asking is should I tell the rest of my family now or wait until I show.. They WILL be mad.. my mom even said to get an abortion.. h__ls no! I honestly don't care what my family thinks.. I'm an adult after all but I just don't want to regret my desion. My mom almost made me feel an abortion was the thing to do. Until you said" if you had a baby this time next year, fine" I'm thinking what's the harm in having a child a year sooner. Anyways what you think..tell them now or tell them later. Thanks so much...


mjvdec01 - May 12

Why would your mother think that an abortion would be best for you right now? That seems a bit odd, especially coming from an OB. As far as when to tell family, tell them when you are comfortable sharing the news. Is your mom upset about it because you live at home and are so young? What gives?


sweetcrabhoney18 - May 12

I completely agree.. She says this because she just doesn't like the idea I guess. She had me when she was like 35 or so.. I think it's cause she wants something more for me.. Who knows...


babydust25 - May 12

I would just tell them now and get it over with. It might take them a while to get use to the idea but after a few months they might come around. You are married and although it might not be ideal it will work if you try. I see no point in the fact that it would be ok 365 days from now but not today..good choice on keeping the baby. Congratulations.



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