When Where Painful Kicks

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Kayleigh Anne is in my tummy - September 5

Around how many weeks do the kicks start to feel painful? Where is the pain at?


Tami - September 5

Hmm, I don't remember when it started feeling painful. Maybe 29-30 weeks. The worst is in the ribs. Right now she doesn't kick as much (37 weeks) but she certainly hurts me when she changes her position! May I ask how you pronounce Kayleigh? Just curious becuase we are naming our daughter Kailey Ann. That is funny if they are pronounced the same!


Brittany - September 5

I started feeling painful kicks around 7 months. My son would kick my ribs sooo much! I only got to 34 weeks though so I don't know what the MORE painful kicks felt like...luckily. He kicked me in the ribs so hard that I would jump EVERYTIME haha.


S - September 6

my babies kicks were never painful. Sometimes a little uncomfortable. She mostley squirmes the whole time.


Lissi - September 6

I'd say they got uncomfortable around 30 weeks. They were sometimes painful too, but bearable. I find if I rub the bit of my tummy she's kicking or pushing on, she eventually moves the offending limb to a more comfortable spot. The worse time was when she moved into her final head down position. My tummy felt very tender for several days afterwards.


N - September 6

I'm 28 weeks and i have painful kicks already.. this isn't my first though. The ribs and hips are the worst, but the other day this baby was kicking at my belly b___ton like it was a target.. there's actually a bruise and some blood blisters there now.. My first got his foot caught in my ribs for three days, i couldn't even breath.. my ribs never went back into place properly either.. i'm pretty small though.. the joys of pregnancy i guess...


Theresa - September 6

My sister, when pregnant with my nephew around proabbly 25-30 weeks would have pain in her ribs. He wasnt really kicking, just rolling around ALOT and shoving his little feet in her ribs, and pushing. Good luck with baby. Shed just kinda of push his foot out of the way.



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