When Will I Get A Baby Bump

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katman - June 18

According to my first scan I am 17 weeks pregnant but I'm not showing any physical signs that I am pregnant. I have no bump. I am a slim build so a it would be noticeable. I was really looking forward to showing off my bump and I'm envious of every pregnant woman I see because of their bumps. Please can anyone tell me when you're supposed to start showing?


Kristin72 - June 18

It will come...your uterus is now starting move it's way upwards..and your little one is formed and all it has to do is grow from now until you deliver. If this is your first you and you are slim you may have to wait until atleast 5 months. I am approaching 18 weeks myself..have not put on any weight. I have a small pooch but nothing anyone who doesn't know me would notice. I am the opposite..I am weary of the changes my body is goind to go through..I hate to think how my body is going to go through drastic changes in the coming months. For some.. we work at maintaining our body weight and fitness levels for a large part of our life and our bodies will never be the same afterwards. I am happy I'm pregnant..I just wish there was not the havoc on our bodies through the coming months...Good Luck on you up and coming bump!! Kristin


livdea - June 18

Just wait, you'll get it and then you'll want it gone! I thought that I was FINALLY showing at about 19 weeks...thought there was a bump there....woo hoo!!! yeah, well no one else noticed it! Not until I was a good 25 weeks pregnant did I look like I was pregnant. It took forever! and now...I'm running into people and clearing counters at 36.5 weeks! I too was in very good physical shape and thin. 5'10" 120 lbs...almost too thin and it still took me forever to show. And though our body changes a lot...it can go back to being the same! So don't get frightened once you start getting really big! Thats what happened to me...I wanted a bump SO bad and then I started freaking out that I couldn't wear my clothes and nothing fit, I started worrying about my body image! I just talked to a girlfriend who had a baby just 2 weeks ago and her stomach is almost back to perfection! Good luck and don't worry...your little bump will be here soon!!!!



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