When Will I Show

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Kayla - September 16

I I just found out that I am pregnant..I'm 5'6 1/2 ,107 pounds I have a small body frame...when will I start to show.... a lot of people having been telling me because I'm so small I won't show right away (I'm at least 6 weeks along) I thought me being skinny that I would show right away.. I 've had little to no symptoms, my beast are a tiny bit sore (but not that), I have a lot of gas (if I fart it can clear out a whole house) and my appet_te has increased a little I usually eat like only big meal a day but now I been eating like 3 or 4 a day. I hope I don't blow up because I've been thin all my life......


hi - September 16

i also am 5' 6 1/2" ,i weighed 105 when i got pregnant.i was about 3 and a 1/2 months when laying down you can see a pouch.as far as standing up was about 4-5 months.one cool thing to being so small is that you can see the baby move earlier.or well i could anyways.i lost all my weight within a month after mine.i have 2.good luck


Katrina - September 16

Congradulation!!! We have the same due date..we should keep in tounch to check up on one another....This is my first kid I'm 22 yeras old somebody that I was talking to said when your pregnant with your first kid you don't start showing until about the 4 or 5 month....I have a small body frame too, I hope i don't grown out of my clothes


kayla - September 16

oh my god..... I'm going to be able to see my stomach move, I thought you only felt it, I didn't know you could see it. Congratulations to you to Katrina...I'm like so scared, I don't know what to except .... you guys need to give me some pointers on what's going to be happening with my body.... my mom pa__sed when i was little & I was raised by my dad I have four brothers so i have no female role in my life ....w/b soon please


Lisa - September 16

Hi there! I'm also 5'6" + but I weight around 120 before I got pregnant. I'm now almost 16 weeks and I just really started to show. I have a little belly but atleast I have not been accused of being fat thank god people know it's a baby and I have strangers touching my belly. I have felt fluttering and bubbles and my belly b___ton has started to itch and tingle, there is like a little pressure there now which is my uterus. I eat lots of meals during the day as well and I'm enjoying every minute of it!


Kris - September 16

I'm really small as well..and I honestly didn't show until I was about 7 months!! lol and at that point I looked more like I was 4 or 5 months. Now I am 8 1/2 months and people don't believe me when I tell them how far along I am. lol


Natalie - September 19

Hi there i'm 9 weeks and i weigh 8stone (not sure in how many pounds that is) i have had really bad hunger pains and am eating so much and i feel so tired, i could have 9hrs sleep wake up and still feel as if i haven't had any!! also i'm 5"3 and size 8! Natalie


shanneek - December 7

hi ladies am shanneek 2o years old am a model i think am 3 weeks pregnant i fart alot lol and i pee alot am wondering when ill start showing cuz am already gaining weight,am 5/6 and 120 pounds


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Shanneek, if you had s_x three weeks ago and are now one week late, that would make you 5 weeks. They count from the start of your last period even tho you don't get pregnant until two weeks later. When are you going to test? If you have nausea in the first trimester you may not gain much weight until later. I hear first pregnancies take a bit longer to show than second and later, but I bet the modeling agencies will pick up on it quite early in the second trimester. Then you can have a career as a pregnancy model. GL!



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