When Will This Morning Sickness End

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Julie - March 16

I am 10 weeks and can not take one more day of feeling like c__p! I am couch bound 24/7 and am feeling depressed and useless. I have constant nausea it never goes away! When did all your sickness end?


dear julie - March 16

it usually goes away after the first trimester so you have about a fortnight to go. look at it this way, if you can I know it's hard honey, 10 weeks compared to the lifetime of being a mum to your wonderful baby is not too bad. You will get through this, just focus on the good things. Good luck sweetheart x


Lisa - March 16

I know exactly how you feel - Im at week 9 - but yesterday I actually had a day where I didnt want to vomit - today's been ok so far - Maybe its just temporary - but Im soo greatful. So I guess what Im saying is - take it one day at a time - tomorrow may be the day its over. (or at least a reprieve). I mean I know they say after the 1st trimester - but it could be sooner -


Frances - March 16

Oh my gosh, I was exactly the same way you are right now! I had to leave work for 6 weeks because I was sick 24/7 and also stuck on the couch. I would cry all the time and tell my husband how worthless I was. But let me tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At about 12 wks I started to feel better and now I'm 20 weeks and all better now. It will end. I know how you feel! Try to just go with it but in about 2-3 wks you will start to feel a lot better! Take Care


Tigerphoenix - March 16

I wish I could be bound to my couch. I just got sick again at work. Luckly everyone is out of the office so its just me. I hope it ends soon. The stress of work and the hormone changes are killing me. I am in so much pain right now it is unbelievable.


j - March 17

I noticed that I felt better on the days I forced myself to get up off the couch, rather than the days I indulged in my desire to pamper myself. Try being active, and see if that helps. If it doesn't, my nausea ended around 12 weeks.



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