When You Give Birth

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jennifer - April 15

When you give a va___al birth without an epidural does it hurt really extremely bad what does the pain feel like?


Sonya - April 15

Yes, it really really hurts. But i also think it depends on each person. I have a friend that has had three children without the epidural and she does great. Although her labor usually only four hours. Once they broke my water i thought I would die. I think the only reason I was able to make it through that is because I knew I was getting the epidural any minute. So, yes it really really hurts. I ended up with c-section, but I did push for nearly two hours. It felt like very strong pressure in your bottom. Like nothing you have ever felt before.


April - April 15

I don't think I would dare go through v____al labor without some form of medication... not neccissarily an epidural (because those numb everything and you can't feel when you need to push).. but SOMETHING... I'm not a martyr.. .haha.. and that stuff doesn't hurt me or the baby... so why not save myself some pain...


Oz girl - April 16

im not pregnant but planning to start trying in a few months and have been doing heaps of research into different labour techiques etc Do a google search on Hypnobirthing and start reading away. This method has me convinced you can lesser the pain during labour and have a natural birth. Its kinda like self hypnosis/meditation. Good luck!


Maleficent - April 16

it's different for everyone. my natural birth was much easier than my drugged up one. honestly the contractions were the worst part of it. pushing felt GOOD. it hurt not to push.


April - April 16

My doctor told me about some spinal medication. It's not an epidural. It numbs the pain, but you can still feel things so you know when you're supposed to push. He said it can actually make labor go faster. (labor is the most critical part of the pregnancy by the way, when your baby is at the most risk so you want to get the baby out as fast as possible) my sister had a medication that was put into the IV.. it didn't numb the pain but it put her to sleep between contractions, and she'd wake up when it was time to push. She said I should do that one, but I dunno.


coco - April 16

yes it does hurt, i won't lie. the pain feels like ur belly is shrinking ( don't know how to explain really). But i remember the pushing bit, it hurts too. It feels like u have a major constipation,and then the head of the baby is there ,stuck between ur legs and u wish u could just push the head back inside at that point of time ( that's how i felt anyway, both times!) when are u due ? congrats !


To jennifer - April 16

Oh yes, it's painful. When the contractions come on OMG.... it's like a terrible pressure in the lower back, the worst pressure you could ever feel, and the tightness in your belly just can become unbearable when the two pains collide. In the beginning it feels just like small pressure pains, like you can handle it, then later, after hours or ooo'ing and ah'ing it gets worse - much worse. If you hair doesn't form into a rat's nest from rolling on the pillow, yer doin' pretty good! Shew - along comes the epidural - and wow! giving birth is LOVELY! The pain was just too much for me to handle. I wish I could be strong like some women, but it got the best of me. After the epidural, I could relax and became excited about greeting my girl! It was wonderful!


W - April 19

Doesn't having an epidural increase the chance of intervention because it's more difficult to push? This is the thing that worries me. I'd rather suffer the pain but at least feel like I'm in control.


aliyah - April 24

i am so terrified of the pain i dare not conceive...please help soneone...i want a baby too~


Christy - April 24

Hi, I have 1 little girl, and I can honestly say that it is not as horrible as everyone seems to think. But it totally depends on how you can tolerate pain. I have heard from many of my friends and I would agree that the most painful part is the IV. Now my sister has had one with an epidural and one with out. She prefered not to have the epidural becuase the epidural made her really sick and vomitty. Don't worry about the pain. You will forget about it the second you see your little one. It is so worth it.


Maddie - April 25

Ew Sonya...I HATE the feeling of pushing in on my belly b___ton. That's the worst feeling...there are nerves there that shoot throughout all areas of your body! I have 8 more weeks to go and that is quite a scary description. But I'm glad you posted it, cause it's good to know!


Maddie - April 25

I'd like to not have an epidural just to see how tough I am. Really, I think it would be so cool to be like " Yeah, I gave birth like a soldier, what about it?" Great bragging rights. Plus, it's scary to know that the drugs could possibly slow you baby's motor skills. I want my child to be as smart as possible.



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