Where Are All My Ladies Due In Dec

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Joelle - July 5

Hey I am 15weeks pregnant and due Dec 27,2006 im so excited gonna be the best christmas gift ever!! I was wondering is there any ladies who have the same due date or due around me?? if so write back it will be fun to talk.


Jodie86 - July 6

Hey Joelle Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! I'm 16 weeks and due Dec 19th! So we are really close to having Christmas day babies! Is this you first? This is mine and dp's 1st! I'd love to have someone to talk to too!


Joelle - July 6

Hey Jodie yeah thanks! congratulations on your pregnancy to:) Yeah this is my first child and im so excited i had really bad morning sickness but the doctor gave me these pills to stop morning sickness and they work so good thier amazing lmao. Do you know what your having yet? I dont but may find out at 18 weeks or 17 on my next ultresound:)


schreck - July 6

Hi Joelle, I'm due the 19th with my first. I haven't had hardly anny moring sickness I've just been tired. Hopefully you can find out what you're having at your ultrasound. I had one last week but the baby stayed on its stomach and refused to roll over. Maybe I'll be able to have anothur ultrasound later.


Joelle - July 6

Hey Schreck congrats on being a first time Mommy.. Aw your lucky lol my morning sickness was so bad even the smell of any meat would make me puke and gag it was pretty bad.Yeah hopefully their tell me at my next ultresound i have a strong feeling its a boy :) and i did that needle thing and it said boy that thing is pretty cool and works.. i did it to my grandma and it went thro the 7 kids she had:) Lol my last ultresound the baby kept putting its b___t to the screen it was funny. Yeah hopefully your find out on your next ultresound:)


Jodie86 - July 7

hey Joelle, no i don't know what i'm having yet, i wont know until the babies here! They don't do that where i live :-( My morning sickness was really bad too, i still get it now and then, i was almost sick this morning actually! But now i can cope with smells, i'm ok! I've got my next ultrasound in about 3 1/2 weeks, so i'm going to keep my eyes pinned to see if i can see what it is! Joelle, i had a strong feeling this was a boy too, btu everyone keeps telling me they think it's a girl! Well, 50/50 chance anyway i think! How do you do the needle thing? Schreck, we have the same due date! Do you know if were a week last, it will be born christmas day, or exactly 2 weeks late, it will be a new year baby!!!


Joelle - July 7

Hey Jodie how are you? aww really here thier tell you what it is im from ontario. Um the needle thing is pretty fun to do i did it over 20 times on me and i still get the same thing over and over again whitch is boy boy girl so that would be cute. What you do you take a needle and and string put it over your wrist and if it does a circle its a boy and if it swings back and fourth its a girl do it tell the needle stops. and that will tell you what your having if you do it right lol. Yeah here thier only let you go 4 days late whitch leaves me to a new years baby:) Hehe thats cute. So what names do you have picked out i have some cute ones hope to hear from yeah Bye


mylittleangels - July 7

hello all my due date is dec 6 i am 18 weeks along this will be my 3rd pregnancy and hoping my second live birth i lost twin boys back in january i hope everything goes well this time


Joelle - July 7

Hey My littleangels aww im so sorry to hear that you lost twin boys. And congrats to this pregnany:) aw cute do you know what your having yet? And if you dont mind me asking and i hope you dont find this rude but did you dealiver them dead? thats something that happend to my cousin and im kinda scared about it to. sorry for asking and their in heaven now i wish u the best hun.


jewelskeith - July 8

Hi Joelle congrats with the pregnancy. Im due on December 30th first baby (to go this far anyway) just still keeping our fingers crossed. I hope to find out the s_x of the baby on my next ultrasound.


Joelle - July 9

Hey jewelskeith how are u? congrats to you to!! Yeah my doctor is gonna try to find out the s_x of the baby at 16 weeks:) and if not then at 20 weeks hehe im excited even thro i will be happy ether way.. aw so what are you hoping for?



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