Where Are The Plus Size Mommies Feb 20 2006

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lynnstress - February 20

Hey! Where did we all go? YC, jas, amb, MeM, etc.? I just wanted to put a big h__lo out there for everyone and see if we are still here! Jackson is 14 months old and is going through the worst sickness he's had so far. One of those both end flu-type things. He gave it to me, and now hubby has it too. My good news is that I have so far lost 69 lbs.! My first goal will be reached in 6-1/2 more pounds. I hope to lose that in the next month. I hope you are all doing well and everyone is happy and healthy!


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

I just wanted to stop in and say "Sorry your son is sick and a HUGE congrads on losing sooo much weight!"


MammaJL - February 21

Congratulations on losing your weight LynnStress.. I know it's hard, I recently lost 50lbs and it was hard for me. I'm sure you'll be at your goal in no time! Best of luck!


lynnstress - February 23

Thanks, ladies! And a bump for the weekend.


jas - February 24

Hiya!! I am here - still maintaining the weight - have not lost, have not gained. We are in the middle of a move from Japan to England. dh is off training and I am staying with family with the boys. We will finally get to England next week! Jadon is 11 months today! I can't believe how time has flown by! That is awesome lynnstress on your weight loss!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan on starting my weight management program when I get to England and are settled in and things are less stressful. I have not been on as much as I have been using family computers and stuff. It was nice to hear from you! I hope the others stop in to say how they are doing. Congrats again on the weight loss!!! I'll check in more when I can! Meanwhile - take care!


lynnstress - March 6

Hi jas! Good to hear from you. Things have been a little crazy around here too, but when aren't they. When is your move final? I had a houseguest last week, and all she ate was refined carbs and junk food. I had to keep her company. So I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain an ounce either! Hopefully we'll hear from more of the gang.



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