Where Are You Leahp

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Suzie - February 10

I was just wondering if everythis is ok with you since i havent heard from you in a while, im just getting a little worried. i hope everything is ok. As for me...i had a miscarriage on the 7th of feb. :( im not giving up yet! as soon as doc give the ok we are gonna be at it again! thats if i can wait that long!! hope to hear from ya soon!


Leahp - February 11

Oh Suzie, I'm sooo sorry for your loss, are they going to keep a closer eye on this next pregnancy? I've been alright, just trying to make it through the evenings, I have horrible evening sickness I can hardly put anything down. I don't have my next doctors appt. until March 2nd where we will get to hear the heart beat so I'm hoping for everything to go well, as I freak out about a missed miscarriage! I will have you in my prayers, I hope everything goes well next time around!!!


Suzie - February 11

I am so glad to hear you are ok! sorry about your m/s. im sure your little bean is doing just fine. bummer you have to wait so long to hear the heart beat...the wait must be killing you! I have a dr appt this morning with RE to talk about the results of the HSG and Clomid Challenge Test and the results of hubbys little swimmers...i had all those test done right before i got pregnant and never got the results....HA! at least i know i CAN get pregnant. i just cant seem to hold on to them. ill let you know how it goes....take care


Suzie - February 11

I just got back from RE's office and...i pa__sed all my tests with good results! hubby has a slight morphology and motility problem. doc gave us a choice of either trying once again on our own or IUI. i dont see why i should do an IUI if i CAN get pregnant on my own. will an IUI do anything as far as helping the little bean stick? i dont get it? didnt think about this till i was on my way home :( he said to wait till i get AF to try again...but i asked him what would happen if i got pregnant before that and he said that would be ok but doubts that it will happen. Hmmm...i might just try anyway! :) take care!


Suzie - February 13

just checking in...


Leahp - February 14

Hey suzie!! That's good to hear about your tests!! What is a IUI?? But if anything, have your husband take folic acid, it's not only great for us women, but I read that it helps the stregnth and mobility of the sperm in a man, I accidentlly bought a bottle of it along with my prenatal vitamins, and I just told my husband he could have them for that purpose, but his little guys could of already been alright, but I would look at the bottle once in a while and he was for sure taking them, it always made me laugh, because we had this on going joke about his boys being able to swim! So with your husbands sperm being somewhat unmobile, does that have anything to do with the past failed pregnancy? But it's great to hear that you're in such positive spirits!! Keep it up!!!


Suzie - February 14

Leahp, IUI is when they take hubbys sperm and separate the good from the bad and then insert them directly into your uterus...so they dont have to swim as far lol....im not sure why i keep miscarring? i am able to get pregnant even though hubby has a motility and morphology problem. i would think that the journey for the little swimmers would weed out the weak swimmers...you know? so only the strong ones would make it all the way anyway. doc wont do any further testing unless i miscarry 2 more times..the other miscarriges dont count because he was not my doc then...and they werent doc_mented. that sucks! anyway..enough about me! you never told me how your dr appt went! fill me in!!! lol


Suzie - February 23

Just checking in again :)


Leahp - February 24

Hi Suzie, How are things going?? Everything is going good over here! Just waiting for my next doctors appt. on Mar. 2nd, when we'll get to hear the heart beat, I'm really anxious! I even rented a fetal heart monitor just to drive myself a little more nuts since it's really hard to find the heart beat, plus it may still be too early! I hope the babymaking and glue is coming along!!! I will have you in my thoughts!!!


E - February 24

LeahP - How far along are you?


Leahp - February 24

Hey E, I'm ten weeks, but am hoping to get an official due date at this next doctors appt. Because some women on this forum were saying that I'm further along that what I thought, I guess 11 weeks, because all the calculators and books say mt due date should be Sept. 21st, since my last period was Dec. 14th, does that sound right to you??


Leahp - February 24

Oh, do I know what you mean!!! I have been feeling horrible ecspecially starting week 6, and sleeping everyday is my hobby! but it is gradually getting better, there's almost light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for clarifying the dates for me, I guess at my first u/s in April they'll have a more specific date!



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