Where Did Red Hair Come From

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Sam - December 30

I have an 8 month old little girl who was born with lots of dark brown hair. It was so dark that it was almost black. As days went by though, it started to turn red and now she has a FULL head of VERY red hair!!! I've always had brown, my husband had blond hair as a child but it's brown now and we can't think of anyone in either side of the family that has red hair. I was just curious how many other people have children that came out with fetures that no one could explain?


joey - December 30

maybe the milk man LOL!!


Sam - December 30

Yeah, that jokes not funny anymore!. LOL


Nana2b - December 30

LOL..A the beautiful redhead gene. I myself have red hair. I prayed and prayed for one of my 3 children to have it also. My first son was born with beaurtiful auburn hair and I was so proud...til it all fell out and came in BROWN like his Daddy's..just kidding..his hair is still beautiful, just not red. Red hair is a recessive gene. You never know just when it will pop up. Do a Google search on red hair genes and it may offer some info for you. You are very blessed to have that redhead. We are definitetly a special lot...*wink*


to sam - December 30

My sister and I were born with blond and fare skin.My mom had olive skin and brown hair.My had a american indian dark complection and brown hair.In the summer he got so dark you you would have thought he was black.Now me I burn so bad in a short amount of time.The only blonds in my family are a gereration back on my grandfathers side.I guess it skipped more the one geration.P.S.I perfer the fireman joke.


also to sam - December 30

Since there are more than two hair colors, this means that there can be more than just two forms of a gene. These different forms of a gene are called "alleles." Some alleles are dominant, which means they'll "take over" the other gene no matter what. Others are recessive, which means that there have to be two of them for the trait to be "expressed" or visible. There are different alleles for black hair, blonde hair, red hair, brown hair - and lots of shades in between. If your child has red hair, this means that both you and your husband carry a recessive "red hair" (recessive so it doesn't show up in your or your husband because you carry a different dominant gene) gene and your child got each of your recessive genes. Hope this helps! The allele for red hair is recessive - which means that if you have red hair (naturally, of course!), you got a gene for red hair from each of your parents.


kimc - December 30

I was born with bright red hair (think strawberry shortcake red) and both my parents have brown hair. My grandma had red hair though... when I was 2 my hair changed to bleach blonde and it wasn't until I was 10 that my hair started changing back to red/blonde. Hair seems to change a lot in the first years of life...


to Sam - December 30

I think that happens. My friend has dark brown hair almost dark and his wife has blonde hair and their daughter hair is red. I guess those two colors together makes red.


Me - December 30

Genes can lie dormant for centuries. Someone in both your families must have had the recessive red hair gene,which has been pa__sed on to you and your husband. When the two recessive genes finally get together,hey presto, a beautiful red haired baby can occur.


Melissa - December 30

My fiance's daughter has strwaberry blonde hair. He has brown hair and her mother has dark brown/black hair. But if I loof really close at his unshaven face, there is red hair in his beard...so that's where that came from!....lol....=)....red heads are adorable!


Luv Red! - December 30

My husband has black black hair, and I have light to med. brown hair. My 1st daughter has blonde hair, from my mom I guess, (she looks EXACTLY like my mom)and my 2nd has red hair. I guess from my mom & dad's side. My dad had red hair, and so did his sisters, and my mom's sisters. My husband didn't believe me when I kept telling him that she would have red hair, since he & his are all black hair naturally. Now he picks on a friend and I, saying she's his daughter. Just for fun. Now, I'm having a boy, and really hope he has red hair too. Red headed boys are hard to come by around my city, but SO cute!



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