Where In The World Is Jlorenzo

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tiffani~ 77 days to go!! - August 17

I think you intentionally disappear just so we'll post a thread looking for you. I'm on to you. Everything okay in your world? How's Abby doing? :o)


E - August 17

I was wondering the same. I hope everything is okay, and that nothing serious happened.


BBK - August 17

He's probably on vacation building sand castles with Abby in some tropical beach where they don't have WiFi for his laptop..... hey that sounds like a plan


E - August 17

It sure does! I cant wait for Aja to be old enough to hang out at the beach. I LOVE the beach, especially in the Caribbean.


monica - August 17

i cant wait to go to the beach too. as soon as caleb turns 3 months i am heading to the beach....


Lissi - August 17

I've been wondering the same thing, but didn't like to ask because I knew that "?" would get jelous. Maybe he'sjust snowed under with work or something. He often disappears for a while. Unless of course he is just doing it to get attention in which case, he's reading this now and feeling very smug. :-D


!-!-! - August 17

Jeez, people-- the guy has a new family-- let him enjoy these precious moments with his wife and child. Sounds like some women here think that just because he's been friendly with them that he SHOULD still come here with an update. Be easy on the guy and concentrate on yours instead. He'll be by when he has 'settled' a bit and wants to say hello to all the women who got the hots for this great Daddy. Haehaehae :-))


tiffani~77 days to go!! - August 17

To !-!-! ~ Relax sweetheart, it was a question of genuine concern. Josh is a regular on this forum, and I was just concerned that I haven't seen him around in a couple of weeks. Genuine concern, that's it, plain and simple.


bump - August 18

Bump. Tee hee. Just wanted to brighten ? and !!!'s day! Lol! Oooh, where could he be?


?? - August 18

How come nobodys looking for BBK?


Duh! - August 18

Because he's nearly always here. :)


tiffani~76 days to go!! - August 18

Simply amazing how so many people can take a lighthearted post and turn it into rudeness and ridicule. Get a grip people!


L - August 18

Who really cares where he's at? He's probably spending time with his family. I know when I have mine I won't be coming back here....even though it has been alot of help for me during my pregnancy.


buh bye - August 18

We cant wait for that day L!!!


tiffani~76 days to go!! - August 18

I care! Obviously inconceivable to some that people can care about things and people beyond themselves, but that's all this is. I have simply formed an innocent "friendship" with JLorenzo (and several others on this site) and was curious as to why he hasn't been around in awhile. Without a doubt, he spends all his free time with his family, but in his spare time at work he will occasionally jump on here to throw in his 2 cents just like everyone else. My original post was lighthearted and definitely didn't deserve the rude responses that it generated. Stop a__suming you know everything and throwing in your unnecessary comments. Go find a thread where you can be helpful, not rude!!


:) - August 18

I hope Lorenzo shows up soon before more weird comments starts creeping up. Its hilarious but at the same time insenssitive.


&/%$ - August 18

I have to admit he is kinda cute!



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