Where In The World Is Jlorenzo

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tiffani - April 28

Just curious, haven't seen you around in awhile. Did the baby come early??? Missing your humor!


Misty - April 28

Haha, it is amazing how much it is noticed when people don't see this guy. :-) Amazing how popular humor can become. I saw him just yesterday or the day before though (I think) in the car seat rocket science thread. Talking about duck taping his kid to a car. Does your wife know what you are thinking JLorenzo? I think she would prefer the bungee.


D - April 29

I think the guys wife that needs to worry most lives with a guy called "toes"...


Misty - April 29

Aww D, I thought he had a good idea. Looking for deer is an important thing. Just have to use the bungees, not duct tape, or maybe a mixture of the two...... :-)


toes - April 29

oh, was that whole thread not to be taken seriouisly? then I guess the whole velcro bumper idea I had isn't gonna fly to well either, hmm?


D - April 29

welllllll, you might have something with the velcro bumper idea... Not only would it take care of the kid on trips, but give them something to do between trips... Think of all the bugs those little velcro hooks would catch.... HEY! I know! supper!


D - April 29

Sounds like Josh will be leaving us by Wednesday! :-)


JLorenzo - April 29

Thank you all for noticing my absence! I have been around but truthfully I have just been crazy busy! My wife does know about my intentions for the baby seat. The reason we can't use the trunk is because my wife travels in there. What will I do when the baby comes? Would it be weird to pop in and see how you all are doing???


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 30

Josh, I think if you can hold your eyes open long enough to update us after the baby is born, we would all love to hear from you. I've been on here since last October, when I had only begun considering baby #3. Advice from experienced parents (which you will soon be) is very needed on this site, as i'm sure you've noticed. Glad you're still around! :o)


JLorenzo - May 1

Hey Tiffani, I have enjoyed corresponding with you and many others as well. I wasn't actually going to let a few bad apples ruin the whole lot! I will let you know how things go and I would hope you would let me know how things go for you as well?!


... - May 1

tiffani and JLorenzo , an affair in the making :-)))))))))


JLorenzo - May 1

Ha! Well, at least the talk of me being gay has died down!


... - May 1

Aren't you Bi-, JLo?


JLorenzo - May 2

To .., Well, I am only bi on every third thursday and the last friday of each month. But the rest of the time, I am straight. I do like to prey on the weak pregnant women though. I only come on here and pretend to ask questions so I can take advantage of the ladies. My plan is to get one to write me back and then I turn on the Jewish charm! Once that happens, they are mine...


... - May 2

OMG , you're Jewish! I love you already! ;-)


JLorenzo - May 2

See that! The lure of the yamacha! I got another one!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

Josh~ Looks like they've figured us out. Damn it! :o) Good luck to you both Wednesday. Can't wait to hear the birth story. :o)



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