Where Is M

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Momof3 - March 3

I have not heard from ~m~ in a while I hope she is ok!


E - March 3

Hi ~m~. How was yesterday for you? Are you back at work? Did you pop the vicodin as we suggested? Update please...


~m~ - March 3

Hey ladies! Yep, I popped that pill baby! I took it with food because I was afraid I'd get nauseated. Then I read that taking with food may decrease effectiveness. It took away most of the pain, but not all. And it was quite a while before it made me sleepy. Next time, I may try it without food. Today's pain is better than last night's for sure! But I'm still hurting. I bled quite heavily last night, but it has slacked off some this morning. I put in a tampon once and when I pulled it out, the "clump" was stuck to it. That was a little hard to take. Also, I pa__sed quite a bit of thick stringy looking blood and some clots. Does this sound normal? With the other ones, I don't remember so much thick stuff. I haven't used another tampon though. I think it's better for the stuff to come on out, don't you? E, you may have read that my doc thinks maybe I have antibodies that make my blood clot too fast. What do you know about this? I'm not sure really what antibodies are all about. IANSMOMMY is on baby aspirin too. I never knew aspirin could be so much help in a pregnancy. Damn doctor never told me to try it!!


Missy - March 3

~m~ You may want to just take the vicodins with one piece of bread just to take the edge off, but if you are anything like me, you won't be able to handle it on an empty stomach. Glad to hear you are doing better, keep your head up ***mucho baby dust to you!!****


tiffani - March 3

That's interesting about the asprin, I always thought it was a big no-no during pregnancy. Shows what I know. ~m~ If your doctor doesn't give you a good explanantion about your recurring miscarriages, i'm with your best friend, find a better doctor. You would have thought after 2 in a row he would have done a bit more investigating.


PP - March 3

M- I have known several women who needed to take asprin or even heperin to prevent their blood from clotting. That may help you. Your doctor should be able to test for the antibodies. I am glad you are doing ok and you've been in my thoughts.


momof3 - March 3

~m~ I third everyone else. If your Doctor does not seem too concerned about this m/c, then you should get another Doctor! **Baby Dust To You***


~m~ - March 3

Thanks PP. Isn't it odd that aspirin is so common and easy to try, but my doc never suggested it! The more I think about it, the more p__sed I get at him! They took about 7 viles of blood to send off for testing, so hopefully I will know something in a week or 2! --- tiffani, I'm the same way. I didn't know aspirin could help with pregnancy. I'm so glad I found this board. I have learned so much from talking to all of you women! :o)


E - March 3

~m~, I think it is called: Antiphospolipid Antibody Syndrome (Thrombophilia) and this disorder effects placental blood flow. I do not know more than that. I will do a google to learn about it. I always take my opiates without food. They work better:)


~m~ - March 3

I love it that you know all of these "big words" and conditions. You are sooo the go-to girl with these kinds of questions! :o) Thanks a million for helping me!



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