Where To Give Birth

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tiphanai - June 17

Hello, i need some help on this one. Ok, i'm Canadian and my partner is American. I have a place here in Canada and he has a place in ATL. For the last couple years I fly between both places spending most of my time in ATL with him. I just got back from the states in time to find out i was preggers. haha. I'm thrilled but i'm starting to worry about where to have my baby. As you may know, healthcare is free in Canada, so that's an amazing bonus. But my partner is a self-employed workhorse and I don't see him spending any more than a month at the most up here with me. I would like to have my baby in the US to make the immigration process easier but now i'm concerned about the health care issue. Luckily my partner does have the financial ability to get me insurance, but do they insure Canadians? On a side note, i'm already in the process of getting my Green Card as my father is also American but who knows how long that will take. Basically, I would have my baby here in Canada but there's no way i want to take any chances that he won't be here. My current plan is to wait for my first trimester to be finished and then go back to ATL. But as far as the birth in Feb. - i don't know yet. Any suggestions?


olivia - June 17

It comes down to -- if you don't have insurance don't deliver in America! If you do have it by delivery day, go ahead and deliver here. An emergency c-section in America with no insurance can be a financial disaster! Also prenatal care will be expensive too. So I say have your husband apply to get you insured, it only takes a phone call to find out if you are a candidate. If you can get a plan that covers prenatal and has a low hospital deductable, then you're all set for a delivery in America. If not, don't even try. The last thing you want is a new baby and a serious amount of debt. So have him call around and see if he can get you on a healthplan and then you'll know your options. It isn't as simple as being an American, private insurace can judge you on any old health problems we aren't even guaranteed it ourselves unless through an employer. Good luck to you! Congratulations on your pregnancy:)


mcatherine - June 18

You should try consulting with an Immigration attorney for advice. They can give you the pros and cons of both sides. Good luck!


tiphanai - June 18

thanks for all the suggestions. It's pretty overwhelming and the whole concept of trying to find insurance, a doctor and a hospital is stressing me out! I've decided to have my baby here in Canada where it's free and just have dh come up here throughout the pregnancy and stay during delivery. Then we can go back to ATL after we're sure everybody is healthy! Gives me more time to get my insurance setup too! I love america, but boy do i love free health care! thanks ladies



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