Which Bc Do You Recommend

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mommy2b - November 4

I am 35 weeks pregnant with our first and my nurse asked me what kind of birth control i would be using after the pregnancy. I actually hadn't thought about it until now...any suggestions? I'd really like to know what has and has not worked for everyone...thanks:)


M.A. - November 4

I used the depo. shot for four years. I never got pregnant, and the best part was that I didn't get a period. But the worst part was that it was VERY hard to lose weight.


! - November 4

Not Yasmin BC


Gemma - November 4

I am TTC and have not got any children but I have been on quite a few different types of birth control and the best by far was the implanon(uk). It is a small implant that is put in to the arm under local aneasetic and it lasts for three years and you don't have to remember to do anything for the whole time. I know some people can experience complications like heavy bleeding, weight gain etc but they say that with all birth control methods and I never had any problems. My periods did become irregular but in a good way as i hardly ever had a period. If you are planning on having more children in the future it is good because as soon as it is removed your fertility returns to normal. If you do not live in the UK I am sure they do something similar in places such as USA.


mommy2b - November 4

Gemma, yeah i live in the usa but i am pretty sure they have something similar, thanks. hey has anyone tried the patch? i've heard some good and some bad on that one...


Mommy2b - November 4

First congrats and good luck with your little one (when they arrive)! I tried the depo shot and I bled continuously. Next I went on Marvelon bcp. I was on it for 6 years, now we are ttc and my period is irregular, but it is different for everyone. Please remember that these things work different on different people. You need to decide what is best for you!


to mommy2b - November 4

if i were you id use the triple 7(777)birth control. it worked great for me and i lost alot of weight.....even b4 pregnancy and for sure ill use that again after pregnancy.


Gemma - November 5

Hi I don't know if it is the same but they have just started doing a patch in the UK. Apparently it is like a nicotine patch and you replace it once a week(it is waterproof). I'm not sure what it is like but it sounds good and I suppose if you were to have any complications with it you could just take it off.


To ! - November 5

I used Yasmin and absolutely loved it. I also got pregnant the first month off of it. It was a lifesaver for my pimples. I think it depends on the person and the dosage..


Erin - November 5



:o) - November 5

I really wanted to try the patch (ortho evra) before I got pregnant. I would just search for info on all different types of birth control and then talk to your doctor to find out what is best for you.


erin - November 5

I also bled continuously on the depo shot, I don't recommend that one, I've heard there's a lot of risks with it too. My sister uses the patch and the only complaint she has is that it doesn't always stick completely for the whole time you're supposed to wear it, like the edges start curling up and stuff. But it's working for her.


Dylan - November 5

Once again, yes,everyone is different, but a word on the patch, I was on it for 6 months and was so happy with it, and as I type this my 7 wk old patch baby sleeps on my lap! I followed directions exactly, and still got preggers. Wouldn't change that for the world, but if it slips at the wrong time, which is what happened to me, you might get pregnant.


Bohnwin - November 6

I have been forever sensitive to the bc pill (weight gain, sore b___sts, moodiness, etc.), I have tried Demulin, OrthoTricyclen, Orthocyclen, OrthoEvra, and even the Depo shot (which made me bleed for 6 mos straight, although some women experience the bliss of no periods for months, and even years.), and I had stopped taking all bc. I got pregnant w/ my daughter, and when I explained my dilemma to my ob, he recommended the Nuva Ring. I was pretty cynical at first, but he a__sured me that I wouldn't experience any of the side effects that I had experience w/ the pill because the hormones stayed in my pelvic region, and did not really circulate throughout my body. The Nuva Ring is a "plastic" ring which is inserted into the v____al ca___l, and time releases hormone to prevent a woman from ovulating. Because it is localized in the v____al ca___l, and not taken orally, or intramuscularly, the hormone only circulates around where the uterus and ovaries are. You leave it in for 3 weeks, take it out during week 4, have a cycle, and insert a new one 7 days later. My dh can't even tell I have it in (so he says) and I can't feel it at all. Plus, if you have to take it out for any reason (intercourse, pelvic exam, etc) you are covered as long as it is inserted again w/in 2 hours. Definately ask your doc about it. I weighed 230 lbs when I went in to L&D, and I weigh 170 21 months later. I have lost most of my "baby" weight" on Nuva Ring (I weighed 160 pre-pregnancy. For those of you wondering, I am 5'11" tall). My doc told me that it wouldn't effect my b___stmilk because the hormone wouldn't circulate throughout my body. If you have been sensitive to the pill, and are scared to try the Depo, maybe this could be an alternative to the patch, which has many of the sore b___sts, weight gain, irratibility, etc. symptoms of the pill. Just thought I'd offer you an alternative.


Lisa - November 6

I'll just be making sure my husband wears a condum till we are ready again; or he can pull out. I was always on the pill and it worked for me with no side effects but I don't want to be on that forever. If I get pregnant again; cest le vie, I wanted two anyway!



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