Which Date Did I Conceive Who Is The Father

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Alicia115 - February 28

I dont know if anyone else is in this situation but I wanted to ask anyway. I am currently 10 1/2 weeks pregnant. The doctor and different websites state my conception date was Dec 30, 2006. The problem is on Dec 27th I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. On Dec 28th I met up with my ex boyfriend and we had s_x however he did use a condom. Which of those dates did I conceive and could I have gotten pregnant by my ex-boyfriend even though he used a condom?


crackersforme - February 28

Since sperm can live in the body up to 5 days in the right environment....it could be either man's child -- even though your ex used a condom. More than likely, though, I would say it was with your boyfriend....dna test would be the only way as the dates are just too close. There have been many people who got pregnant & they used condoms.


Heather F - February 28

most likely its the one you didnt use a condom with


DownbutnotOUT - February 28

Hmm how easily this problem could have been avoided but hey to each there own. It is more than likely your bf's but the only way to truly find out is a DNA's test because there is a chance it's your ex's baby.


trixiebee - February 28

hhmmm, I checked with s___t.com and they just said to keep your legs crossed. ;-P


tk07 - February 28

omg! you guys are so bad! haha. it most likely would be the boyfriend but it doesn't completely rule out the ex either. that is tricky and you might want a paternity test after hte baby is born to be sure.


Grandpa Viv - February 28

They are likely saying you are 10 1/2 weeks pregnant because you told them your last period started Dec 17. For a 28 day cycle that would give ovulation Dec 31. Sperm from either encounter could have lasted that long, but since you know you had plenty in there from the bf, and next to none from the ex, it is highly likely that the bf is the father. Good luck!



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