Which Month Am I In Besides March

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Anna - April 29

I am 14 weeks preggo counting from last menstrual day - 26 weeks to go! So I am on my fourth month or still on my third? This gets very confusing! Thanks!


PP - April 29

Actually where I am its April and the end of April to boot. But you are starting your fourth calender month of pregnancy.


Karen - April 29

I do believe it is April indeed. Actually I do beleive that your 3 1/2 months


Anna - April 29

Hahaaha - yes, it is almost the end of April, too! I am not sure in which part of the word I was, when I was thinking it was still march! Hahahaha


Karen - April 29

Dont worry Anna you can blame it on the pregnancy. HAHA. That is my excuse these days. I actually find my self forgetting where I am going, what I am do and people !!!!!!. HAHAHA


jeca - May 16

i am in my 19th week of pregnancy and well what month does that put me in?


Misty - May 16

According to the book "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" the month break-down is like this. 1 month=1-4 weeks, 2 months=5-8 weeks, 3 months=9-13 weeks, 4 months=14-17 weeks, 5 months=18-22 weeks, 6 months=23-27 weeks, 7 months=28-31 weeks, 8 months=32-35 weeks and 9 months=36-40 weeks. Then from some website the trimesters are 1-13 weeks is the first trimester, 14-28 weeks is the second trimester and 29-40 weeks is the third.


. - May 17



April - May 17

here's an easy way to figure out what month you are... take the week you're currently in and divide it by 4... (because there are 4 weeks in a month) for example.. I am currently 31 weeks... 31/4 = 7.75 so that means I am 7 months and 3 weeks pregnant (.25 = 1 week) Using Anna as an example... 14/4 = 3.5.. she is 3 1/2 months pregnant...


? - May 17

There are more then 4 weeks in a month though right? That would mean there was only 28 days in a month and when you get to 40 weeks if you divide that by 4 you get 10 months. And we are only pregnant for 9.


to ? - May 17

Going by forty weeks women are pregnant for 10 months. It sounds much better when the Dr explains it! Best of luck


vanessa - May 19

i am 13 weeks am i going on my fouth month?


April - May 19

?... they don't go by calendar months.... I'm guessing it's because calendar months vary depending on the month.. some have 4 weeks.. some have 5... so they use a standard 4-week month... technically (according to the system the doctors use) we ARE pregnant for 10 months... it's really 9 full months and one week... vanessa... you are 3 months and one week pregnant... 13/4 = 3.25


Misty - May 19

• Is pregnancy really ten months long? Is pregnancy really nine or ten months long? Well, it depends on how you count it. These days, most pract_tioners determine your due date by counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. Keep in mind that you're not actually pregnant for the first two weeks because you haven't even ovulated yet, and you don't usually find out you're pregnant until you're about 4 or 5 weeks along. But this is how most people count it. And forty weeks adds up to about nine calendar months (30 or 31 days each) or ten lunar months (28 days each). In order to make it easy to count the months, a lot of guidebooks and web sites, including this one, will count the months of pregnancy as lunar months, so that every four weeks, you're another month along. Counting this way, you will be ten lunar months pregnant by the time 40 weeks is up.


Misty - May 19

I was very curious as to how there are so many answers out there. I don't see my doc for almost a full month so I wanted some anwers. According to that statement that I just copied and pasted if you go by lunar months (which would seem to be easier) you divide by 4 to get how many months pregnant you are. But if you want to go by calander months, which is generally what we live by, then you would go by the info I copied out of the book "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" which is about 8 posts up from this. If you want to see the site I got this from it is www.babycenter.com/help/howto/timing#3



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