Who Got Pregnant Using The Withdrawl Method

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oz - May 21

I totally understand the withdrawl method is not 100% safe but i was just trying to find out who has actually got pregnant while using it. My partner (of 8 years) and i are planning on starting ttc hopefully soon so i went off the BCP (after discussing it with him first). We have been using condoms but the last time we did it we just used the withdrawl method so it has got me thinking how common it really is for people to fall pregnant using this method. If we were to fall pregnant it would be a great surprise/accident and we are financially stable etc. I have been taking folic acid for over a year (my dr told me all women who have s_x should take it just in case they fall pregnant) so im ok in that department. Any input/ stories would be greatly appreciated.


princess-lu - May 21

i know quite a few, i may be one of them lol sorry i cant tell you more!


cindi - May 21

i dont understand...why are you using the withdrawl method if you want to get pregnant??


Olivene - May 21

One friend for sure, that I know of and maybe me- there were two incidents around the same time- one withdrawl, one full-on oops- not sure which one took, but one of them did!


oz - May 21

Cindi the reason we are holding off actively ttc is that my partner is trying to make a few career decisions at the moment. We were planning on waiting unill he had made his mind up in relation to his job before we started actively started ttc. I also wanted to lose about 5 kilos as i have put on a little weight this year and i know its best to be in the healthy weight range before you get pregnant. That being said i know he would be just as happy as i would be if we were to get pregnant now.


mandee25 - May 22

My hubby and I have been using the withdrawal method for the past 4 years or so and have been careful with it and have had no accidents but in February we decided to try an "accident" because we were ready to have a baby and it happened to my disbelief! We got pregnant on the first month we tried since I figured out my ovulation week and it actually worked. The withdrawal method has worked for us but it's not the most safest method of birth control out there.


oz - May 23

Thanks for your feeedback mandee25 and congratulations on the pregnancy.


Ddvinson3 - May 23

I got pregnant using this method. Pre-c_m actually has sperm in it too and men can not control that. Most of them don't even feel it. So it's really hard to be sure!


mandee25 - May 23

Thanks Oz. It was a good question and baby dust to you when you are ready.


skinnyminny - May 23



SJohnson927 - May 24

My fiance and I used the pullout method and I ended up pregnant fairly quickly. Good Luck!


oz - May 25

thanks for all your feedback. This month we used that method twice around when it would of been my fertile time (day 12 and 14) The first time it was the standard withdrawl method and the last time we put on a condom right towards the end after going it at for quite a while :) I did do some research and it said the withdrawl method has a 79-82% success rate against falling preggo so the odds are i wont get preggo this way but you never know. Goodluck ladies and i will keep you posted on what happens this month.


Erynn21 - May 25

My hubby and I did this for years, but we also wouldn't have s_x around the days I was ovulating, I can't say it's the best method, but it did work for us. The other thing was that when we decided to get pregnant it happened on the first try. I just cannot be on any type of chemical bc it just completely whacks out my body, and I really don't want s_x at all if on it, so what's the point.


oz - May 26

congratulations on falling preggo so quick Erynn21. I was on the bcp for 8 years so i know it can take a while for my cycle to get back to normal etc that is one of the reasons we agreed for me to go off the pill. This is only my second month off the bcp however even last month (my first bcp free month) my cycle was a standard 28 days and af came right on time so im hoping my body has adjusted back to normal straightaway. Im not really expecting to fall preggo using this method but it just got me wondering how common it really is and thought it would be interesting to hear peoples stories. Goodluck with your pregnancy xx


helenmarie - May 29

hello! i know alot of people who have become pregnant whilst using this method



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