Who Has Had A False Negative Blood Test

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m - January 11

Hi all! Yesterday, I had a beta hcg (quant_tative blood test). It came back negative. I am only approximately a week past ovulation, and wondering if maybe it was too early for the lab to pick up the hcg. I was wondering who out there has had a false negative blood test? And how long past ovulation was it? Please share your stories! Thanks everyone! :o)


kat - January 11

id say its way to early to test yet,wait until you are a week late for your period then think about testing.good luck!


kim - January 11

Hey M! With my first son 6 years ago I had a false blood test and I was already in my third month. It was my second blood test that came back positive. I went last week fo a blood test because I was 5 days late and my mid wife said that the blood test she gave me could detect the preggo hormone 2 hours after conception. I guess you really never know. Sorry this probable confused you even more. I would just wait and see if your period comes and then test again. Good luck to you!


m - January 11

Thanks for the input ladies! Kim, you didn't confuse me, that is very helpful. I can't believe they gave you a negative in your 3rd month. I'll take the advice you guys are giving, and be patient enough to see if my period starts next week. Or I'll at least be patient enough not to test again until the weekend! LOL


m - January 11



celine - January 12

i had a false negative when i was about 6 or 8 week pregnant with my son. so your chances of being pregnant are there, i was told my selveral doctors thats the urine prenancy tests are more accurite and in my case it definatly was more accurite.


m - January 13

celine, thanks for your answer. So were you getting positives on home pregnancy tests at the same time you were getting negative on blood tests? This is very interesting...... it gives me hope! I'm not due for my period until early next week, but I think I'm going to go ahead and do a hpt this weekend anyway.


Heather - January 20

I am about 7 days past ovulation and got a negative result. Would really like to know if its possible to get a false positive. I too like yoiu would like to be pregnant.


jaine - January 22

hi, i was wondering if anyone else has had this. Today my bloodtest came back negative. I have all other signs of pregnancy. I am so confused as my periods are 10 days late, i am not trying to fall pregnant so i don't think i'm talking myself into having these symptoms. Has anyone else had a bloodtest that was neg but still pregnant?


Brandy - January 22

Hi everyone, I am 12 dys late!!!! My cycle comes right on schedule every month, my last one was 14 Dec 2004. I have taken several hpt, all have been negative, and my blood too was negative. I have been trying to get pregnant and I feel that I am. Today I think I had implantation bleeding, because there was a little pinkish color on the tissue when I used the bathroom, I ovulated 9 days ago, I don't know if the stress is causing this or if my cycle is all screwed up, please give me any insight. Thanks


sarah - January 28

do you remember what the number was?


Heather - January 29

Update!!! I took a home pregnancy test 6 days after my negative blood test and got a +!!! Went the very next day to get another blood test and it too was postive!!! I knew I was pregnant because I had sore bb's. I also have PCOS and took clomid for 3 months. Got PG one the last try. Tried to get PG for a total of 9 months.


t - January 30

i have had two neg quant_tative and one neg qualitative. my last period was nov 13 and it wasnt normal. since then my stomach has grown and i have had all symptoms since the end of oct. my last blood test was last week so now im just waiting. also, i have had five faint pos urine tests. so on monday im going to a testing place that does free urine and gives ultrasounds only if u show positive. im worried bcuz i look like im showing and that line on my belly on the bottom has gotten darker,b___sts still hurt bad ,i was tired more oct-dec and now im tired but not as bad. my nausea has gotten better but is still here. i normally have very clear skin and i have the worst acne now. i see those big blue veins in my b___st and i feel twinges in my stomach . and i swear i feel movement then again i dont know what to look for in that area. so anyway i just wanted to share my story maybe someone else has gone thru this or is going thru this...........................


tiffani - January 30

Congratulations Heather! :o)



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