Who Is Going To Deliver My Baby

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J - October 26

I went to my 34 week appointment today and my doctor informed me that one of the other doctors had left the practice so now there are only two doctors. She said we will TRY our hardest and be there for your delivery, what does that mean? Who is going to deliver my baby if they can't be there? It just doesn't make sense, I thought that is what they are there for.


amb - October 26

J I understand how you feel. I thought furing my first pg that my ob would be there but nope i had some docs i had never met before. needless to say i wasnt to thrilled.


MeM - October 26

Where I go there are three people who may deliver your baby, and during your pregnancy you have to meet with each of them at least once but you have a primary. I really want the doctor I have now because I love her and she's been there through everything with me so far. I haven't met the other two yet. I'm only 16 weeks but still It hink about this stuff also and it bugs me. But what he meant when he said they would 'try' to be there was someone from their practice and not the on call ob. (that's my guess from working in a hospital) Sorry J :(


J - October 26

I see what you mean MeM, that makes more sense to me. I had three doctors where I go too and they switched off every time I went so i could get to know them all but then when they told me this today I was confused as to why I even switched off in the first place. Hopefully it will be one of the two doctors they are really nice and I feel comfortable with them.


Melissa - October 27

~J~...I work at a hospital in California......what happens here is that during the week your regular doc should be able to deliver your baby unless they are on vacation or out of town. On the weekend the ob docs usually take turns being on call....so if you go into labor on a weekend....a doctor outside of the practice you go to might end up delivering your baby...and they just have your medical record chart pulled and any notes that might be in your ob file from your regular doc. Sucks doesnt it?......


Lisa*9 - October 27

Remember the baby is inside you so you are the one who will be delivering the baby. The dr's and nurses are there to oversee that everything turns out fine,with medical procedures,even if they shrew up it is their job to fix the problemwhatever they made. I make it clear to them that I am the one delivering the baby.


A - October 27

lol, this is the kind of thing that made me go with a midwife! the same person takes care of all my visits, delivers the baby, and post natal. my sis in law was like, "i delievered the baby by myself when the nurse ran to get the doc, i don't know what i paid for!!!" well, the midwife has a back up & an a__sistant but the a__sitant is always there at every appt so i know her just like the midwife. . . good luck! ;)



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