Who Is My Childs Father

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Not so bright - November 13

I just found out that I am pregnant, but I'm not sure if it is from my ex-boyfriend or a new guy I met. Here are the facts: My last period began about October 5th, my cycles are about 33 days, I had s_x with the new guy on October 25th and 30th without protection, but he pulled out, I had s_x with my ex-boyfriend on November 5th and 8th without protection and he did come inside me. I was expecting my period to start between November 7th and 9th, and when it didnt, I confirmed the pregnancy with a test on the 12th. Who is more likely to be the father?


angel - November 13

hey im thinking that once they become a ex you shouldnt be having s_x with them!! and i think it was the new guy as you had s_x too close to to your af expected date with ex to get pg by him


? - November 13

The only way you may have a better idea is to find out when you concieved, but you may still have to wait until after you have the baby.


klc - November 15

its the new guy....i have this book, and it has a chart in it...this is how it goes, from the info you gave an what i figured... the first day of ur last period was approx. 10-06-04. you conceived between 10-19-04/10-23-04. have in mind that sperm can live in a woman and survive for 72 hrs, which is 3 days. your due dat is between july 9-23, 2005.


[email protected] - November 16

hi, I dont know why people have to be so rude as if they have never made a mistake before. RIGHT? Neways I have been in your shoes before and I would say that the new guy is more likely to be the father. Since the ex happened so close to when your period was supposed to start. Hope everything turns out like you want. good luck.


lola - December 13

It sounds like you're a s___t, and perhaps should keep your legs shut!!


Lisa - December 13

Your doctor should be able to work this out for you, my doctor told me the date i had conceived judging by my due date. Going by what you have said, i would say there is a better than average chance that your ex is the father.


bebell - December 13

I vote new guy as the dates seem to match better


R - December 15

Don't cheat and you don't have to question!!!!! I wish more people thought this way!


carrie - December 16

With this situation I would say the new guy just because of the dates and if your regular than it would match up, but you never know the body can be weird!!



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