Who Is Still Having Sex

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Jane - May 23

Sorry to be personal, but I just wondered how many of you are still having s_x whilst pregnant? I am 32 weeks but haven't had a great deal of s_x throughout my pregnancy as I've been worried about some way harming the baby. I know it's been proven that it's safe to continue having s_x but I can't help being put off. Plus I've had a couple of scares where I've started to bleed during s_x and I don't want that to happen again. Just wondered what people's thoughts are?


Julie - May 23

With my first pregnancy we had s_x pretty often until the end but this time we have only had it twice! I am 19 weeks. I had a miscarriage in between the 2 pregnancies so was worried in the beginning and then had morning sickness 24/7 for about 3 months then had a bad case of hemroids. My husband isn't being so supportive he acts like he is soooo deprived.


Davida - May 23

My husband was more nervous than I was so he waited until we pa__sed the 12 wk mark but now we are back to normal!!! YEAH!!! Although if I had any bleeding or anything afterwards I would be a little nervous too. Luckily that has not been the case for us! Good luck!


Jessie - May 23

If I was in your situation I would be more careful as well, I don’t blame you. Seeing that my pregnancy seems to be ok, we have continued to have s_x, just not as often as usually.


Julie - May 23

Have you talked to your doctor about this? I am just wondering because maybe she knows the cause. The last time my hubby & I had s_x I also had some light pink discharge but it went right away. Since you are close to your due date I wouldn't worry too much about it in a few months you'll be back to normal again!


Karen - May 23

I am 22 weeks and for the first couple of weeks we did not have any s_x for fears as I had a previous miscarriage. Now everything is ok. I bleed one time so far and my doc explained that at this time the lining of the cervix is very sensitive and that was the cause of the bleed. We stopped for about 2-3 weeks after we saw the blood. After that we had s_x again (bf was more gentle) there was not blood. I think generally it is safe. My bf keeps worrying that the baby will know what is happening or it hurts him in a way. I told him that he(the baby) is perfectly fine and safe in there. All the best ladies


KH - May 23

I'm 31 weeks and havent had s_x since late Jan/early Feb. How sad is that? Ive been really achy (ligament pain) and just haven't been in the mood at all. no desire whatsoever!!!


To You ladies - May 23

how have your hubby's been about the lack of s_x? I feel like I am the only one whose husband isn't understanding.


KellyB - May 23

About once a month for us. And we both seem content. Husband desire seems to mirror mine-not very high ;). We also work different schedules right now since we're trying to save, he's taken another part time job. He thinks it's kind of weird, we joke because he doesn't know about having his male part that close to his childs head! I know early on, my husband said it was "weird" because my body shape was different, bigger. We talk openly about it and I think that's important, so we're on the same page.


Brian - May 23

As a man who has gone WITHOUT any "play" since the end of march.....and still have 3 more weeks to go, it is VERY rough on us. For 1 because, as men, S_x is the way we show our love, not many Men have other ways of showing how much we love you, or how much we care about you. It has been really rough for me, and at times, I get frusterated(hehe), but I know that once we CAN, then it will be GREAT, and that much better for the both of us. Sometimes I am not that understandning, and the "horniness" comes out in me, and I just "Want it NOW"....but then I take a cold shower or soemthing...LoL. Anyways, Guys, hang in there, Gals, hang in there, the man CAN and WILL get over it!


.... - May 23

Not once..I am almost 26 weeks. I did bleed in the early weeks too but I find myself too self-absorbed with the pregnancy plus tired from chasing my toddler to even think about s_x. My husband is great and always supportive. We bond and are intimate in other (non-s_xual) ways.


To Jane - May 23

I am 19 wks and have been having s_x regularly before and during my pregnancy. I did have a little spotting a while back and the dr confirmed that there were no problems. Good Luck!


KH - May 23

my husband is pretty supportive b/c he sees how much discomfort I have and that I chase a toddler around as well. I am sooo uncomfortable. I know it bothers him though, so I try to do other stuff to him (you get the idea) and he loves it. He just wants to feel desired.


Julie - May 23

Yeah well I would also try to do other stuff if I didn't feel like I was going to throw up! It seems like I have had one issue after another and s_x is last on my list so my husband thinks he is also last.


Beth S. - May 23

I am right there with you, i am 27 weeks and barely get any, not because of me though. im not afraid at all, its my husband and its very frusterating


rachel - May 23

OMG, our s_x life has tripled since I got pregnant. I cant get enough!! LOL. I am 23 weeks.


Karen - May 23

I jealous of you of racheal WOW !!!!!!!



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