Who Is The Likely Father

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fLoOn - May 10

This is somewhat of a story, and I'd like feedback on it. My girlfriend and I had s_x on December 6th 2002, and stopped talking soon after. The last day of her period before this was November 25th 2002. However, she started a period on December 15th 2003, which was 10 days early compared to when she was usually having her periods around the 25th of each month. She just happend to have a check up at her doctors on January 9th 2003, and they did a pregancy test wich came back negative. Then on January 14th 2003, she had s_x with a different guy. She started her period the very next day on January 15th 2003. Her period never came in February, so she got a pregnancy test again at her doctors, and it came back positive. It showed very quickly, and this was on February 25th. The doctors asked her the first day of her last period, which was January 15th, and they said her due date would be October 22nd 2003. However, from my research, it is very unlikely for her to get pregnant from having s_x the day before her period starts. Well, on August 30th 2003, her mucas plug came out. She went to the doctors on September 2nd, and they said the baby seemed more developed than 33 weeks, and was 5lbs 8oz at the time. Also, she was starting to dialate, as if she was in pre-term labor, so they put her on meds and kept the baby in untill September 21st 2003, and she was born 6lbs. 1/2 oz. 18" long. The originally expected father said he wanted nothing to do with the baby, and the mother hasn't spoken to him since Feb of 2003 after she found out she was pregnant. However, her and I have been talking since December 2003, and have been happily together since. About a month after we began dating the second time around, we started to consider all the facts. Based on when we had s_x in December 2002, she was much more likely to ovulate around the time we had intercourse. And, based on the fact that we had s_x Dec 6th, the baby would have been due around September 1st or 2nd 2003, and would suggest that the baby was not late at all. However, with this in mind, the baby would have only been around 5lbs. 8oz. at the time of birth, if she went ahead and gave birth on the 2nd of September. But then again, we considered all the things that can lead to a low birth weight baby. First of all, she was only 16 for most of the pregnancy. Secondly, she is only 5' 1" and 105lbs, and finally it was her 1st pregnancy. So after all things considered, it would seem that the baby is mine, but yet she had two periods after our intercourse. Also, the baby would have been somewhat small at birth, if she came on what WOULD have been her due date. Finally, the pregnacy test in January was negative, but I know there are cases of false negatives. But, if the baby is the other guys, then that means she ovulated sometime right about the same time she started her period, or the sperm stayed alive for over 14days for her to ovulate at a normal time. And finally, the baby was over a month early. But even if you consider this, the baby is now not only up to size for her age of being a month early from her original due date, she is actually big for her age. The baby also looks a lot like me, and she has my finger nails too. So I mean what is more likely the case here? It seems like the facts fall 50/50, but I just don't know. The baby is now 7 1/2 months old, is 28 1/2" long and 20lbs. I hope soo badly to be the father of this child, but I guess I'm still not totally informed. With her being a teenage mother so many variable can come into play. Either the baby was small cause she's a teenager, or the baby was small because she was pre-mature. Please respond with as much information as possible.


Barbara - May 10

I would suggest a DNA test.



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