Who Is This Grandma

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.. - April 6

I have seen several posts from grandma. Be wary of the advice girls...


Misty - April 6

I have to wonder, just because you don't know who she is...why do we have to be wary of advice from her. Is her opinion any less valid then mine or yours. Everybody is wrong about things sometimes and right about things sometimes. I think what you said is just a bit harsh.


... - April 6

I'm not saying her advice is right or wrong...as I said be wary or in other words be cautious. I have read several replies from her that are clearly wrong, and I am concerned that someone may take it as sound advice and harm themselves or their baby. For example she told one girl basically not to worry if she was having periods during her pregnancy. This is clearly something that she should see her doctor about.


me 2 - April 6

i saw that too. ive seen other posts from her that are silly and childlike. shes definitly fluent in ebonics. shes a wierd cookie


Paula - April 6

Ithink you should leave people to there own opinions, if you think shes wrong or you dont agree then you write in a post after her and just correct her if you think whats right, but other then that i dont think you should say be wary of her because ive posted things in the past that im not sure about but still i give it ago, i dont think its right judging people like that you should leave them to there own opinions


Misty - April 6

Yes, I went back and saw that post and I also don't think she was right in saying that that girl was o.k. with the bleeding she had, it wasn't just spotting it was bleeding with pain. But like Paula said you should just write something underneath her correcting what she said, maybe she is new to this and just still doesn't know so much about it. I mean you have to learn stuff somewhere, you aren't born with the knowledge. I still think it is a bit harsh to start a thread just to say be wary of her. I also don't think what she said would cause harm to the lady or her baby. If she was bleeding that bad it was most likely because she was going to miscarry, and as sad as that is (I went through it once) you can't stop it from happening. Wrong advice from anyone won't change what is happening. And hell, maybe even she knew what was probably going on but just said what she did to try to put the girls mind at ease, no harm in that. Worry never helped anybody after all. Who knows what Grandma's intentions were?


C - April 6

Maybe this grandma person is an older women who has seen and been through alot of different things.She has the right to say whatever she wants and who is anybody to say she is wrong .Everything that everybody say on there post are not ll right but thats why its called freedom of speech


Clara - April 6

Will this b___hing ever end? it seems to go in cycles. Some one will start an anonymous post about someone else. All of the info contained on this site should be taken with a grain of salt. It is sheer laziness that would prevent anyone getting answers to questions. If you can find/google your way to this site to post a question, you can find/google an answer!


Titch - April 7

I'm not entirely sure Grandma is a real person. She's like a caricature. I think someone is just having fun with us.


grandma - April 7

okay if you go to the doctor in ask the doctor is it normal to have a period during your pregnancy in see what the doctor said, if she had pain with that bleeding process she go to the doctor than, i had six kids in i been through it all so who is you to tell me i dont know what im am talking about honey.


sara - April 7

ebonics isn't a language grandma.... i mean do you really think "who is you" is proper? six kids???? by 6 guys probably. it's obvious you aren't the sharpest nail in the toolbox!


... - April 7

Grandma - It is never normal to have heavy bleeding during pregnany. She should consult her doctor immediately! I also find it very interesting that people out here say that everyone has the right to their own opinion, yet I am not allowed to have one? Interesting. Also - if you actually read what I wrote, I never expressed an opinion - I just warned people to be careful! I can't see the harm in that. You would think that people would welcome someone who is concerned about people getting the wrong advice. And since I can't read every post out there and try to correct Grandma (nor do I claim to be an expert and have all the right answers), I simply chose to help people be telling them to be careful of the advice she gives and try to find other answers.


Misty - April 7

O.K., wow, So she doesn't use proper grammer when she writes. Maybe her advice isn't always correct. But this gives you the right to make fun of her and judge her because of what? Sara maybe she is writing just a bit ebonic, but you are writing just a little trashy. Now who looks worse. I can tell you for sure that I would rather have a friend like grandma who gives wrong advice but with good intentions, then a friend like you who talks c___p about others for no good reason. I have seen quite a few of grandmas things and none of them are hurtfull. Yours was, and for no good reason.


Misty - April 7

And to .... maybe you are right. But that doesn't make what you did any less harsh. Yes, people are ent_tled to their own opinions. But it's just when what you say can be hurtful to someone then what is the reason to say it. Her advice was wrong but it wouldn't have hurt anyone, and people generally tend to get multiple opinions to everything they read. So I wouldn't worry about her being able to adversly affect anyone. What you said though, that could very easily hurt her, just in a different way. I just really didn't see a need for it.


Misty - April 7

Oh for gods sake. I just don't like seeing people do things to hurt others. I would do the same for anyone. If that makes you not like me hten you know what that sucks but that is just too bad. Oh and she has 6 kdis by 6 different fathers? Yeah that sure as hell went over like a lead balloon. Guess I'm just to stupid to figure out where her grammer makes her a hoe.


jen - April 7

that was me who she gave the advice to about not to worry about bleeding, i just look at what every one was saying really and she was really the only one who told me not to worry about it, so i decided to go with every one else and going to get it looked at.because from looking up stuff here and on the rest of the net i see that light bleeding can be common but not not i have heavy bleeding (dark red) and very sore!xx


Lou - April 7

Look it’s like this that’s why it Q&A you asks a question and you get a answer it may not be the one you like but it’s an answer. If she feels that she is right who’s to tell her he is wrong that why it called an opinion.



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