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Audrea - July 14

I was told that pica was common during pregnancy due to lack of certain nutrients in the body that pregnant women will eat odd things that can be dangerous to get those elements. One thing that worried me was it mentioned eating ice was part of it. I have started a really strong need to chew on ice a lot lately so that kind of has me wondering if ice is really part of it and if that means I am lacking some kind of element or nutrient during my pregnancy. Anyone know anything about this?


laci - July 14

maybe you havent read about the woman who eats cat food...its further back in this forum. atleast you just crave ice!


KrisD - July 14

I am familiar with Pica, I used to work with autistic children and many of them were Pica kids. Craving ice COULD be a sign, but I doubt it. I chew ice every morning, but have never had a craving for anything else strange... I just figure that I am pregnant, feel bloated, and it's hot out. If you start having any other strange cravings, then it would be an issue. Take your vitamins and eat right - besides, we should be tested for all the normal deficiencies (like anemia, etc.).


Julz - July 14

I know all about Pica. In my last pregnancy I craved bath bubbles. I would run the bathtub and fill it up with bubble bath, then I would eat the bubbles it made. I was fortunate, though. Some people crave dangerous things like dirt, coal or even paint chips.


er... bath bubbles? - July 15

how are bath bubbles not dangerous? would you let your child drink bubble bath? not judging, I know it's not exactly a personal choice when it comes to the cravings! i just liked the way you said it as if eating bath bubbles was perfectly natural- like champagne but cheaper with a nicer smell! LOL Honestly, not trying to be cheeky, you just made me giggle xx


Julz - July 15

:-( I couldn't help it. I know it's not healthy but, it's no more dangerous than washing a kids mouth out with soap, and that's been done for years. I was simply reffering to the fact that it has the potential to be more dangerous then the effects that I was experiencing. Sorry. I did however appreaciate the "like champagne but cheaper". That did make me chuckle.


??????? - July 15

some lady says that she craves mothb___s and eats them with some kind of gum. then some other lady says that she eats cat food in for breakfast with milk. how strange is that? I chew on crushed ice.


Audrea - July 17

I did a little research on this PICA thing and ice is part of it called Pagophagia. I found out it could very well be likely due to anemia. I was just wondering if anyone else craved ice so much just while pregnant. I just found out I am anemic so I guess it kind of makes sense but I had never heard of it.


christina - July 18

I crave ice bad. I have to have it or I start to feel sick almost. I feel like I'm gonna puke. I even want to put chunks of ice in ice cream. I craved Ice in my last pregnancy too. The wierd part is when I'm not pregnant my teeth are way to sensitive to cold to chew Ice. Right now I can chew thru a huge hunk like a beaver.


diana - July 28

I have an unusual pica.....its frozen margarine or b___ter preferably unsalted which I freeze till very hard, then slice the squares and chew them as they melt.........i don't know if this is akin to wanting ice. but i have to have it several times per day.


april - July 30

this is my 2nd pregnancy-no pica w/the 1st but this time i crave flour and baking soda. i keep a tiny bowl of it by my sink and a few times a day will dip my fingertip in it and eat it. i'm really wanting chalk and this is the closest i can come. i've been tested for anemia-negative, and my dr. says we cook w/flour and baking soda so a little bit a day won't hurt me. i know it sounds crazy but i have to have it. i chew ice all the time also!!


Nat - August 6

I have SERIOUS cravings for the smell of mothb___s. We've got some in our wardrobe and everytime I go past the bedroom I take a detour into the wardrobe to smell the mothb___s! It's starting to worry me actually but I can't stop!


Me 2 - August 6

With my daughter all I did was eat ice all day and all night long. It got so bad that I would bring a bucked cooler to the gas station to get the good chunky ice and fill it several times per day. At least it's only ice. I think it means you need iron, but I'd check with your doctor. : )


linda - August 9

I'm chomping on ice as we speak iv'e had this urge in both my pregnancy's no other cravings the whole 9 but the ice Iv'e never heard anything to be wrong with it besides my dentist saying it is bad for my teeth. so please if you ask your doc keep me posted. thanks. One more wierd thing since iv'e been pregnant this time I can't wait to go pump gas i crave the smell of it I dont want to drink it or anything thank god just a little whif will do.


Evy - August 9

I don't know much about Pica since I don't have it but please, if you think you have it, pay attention to what is it caused by - lack of nutrients. It is not enough to just "cave in" and hope it won't be dangerous. If you are lacking certain nutrients then for your sake and the baby's take supplements if possible.



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