Who Might Be The Daddy

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Marie - December 30

I am in a very difficult situation. To make a long story short I was in a 7 month relationship and during the time we were having problems I was going out and I was date raped. I know that the rapist didn't wear a condom. Prior to that time my boyfriend and I were having unprotected s_x during the first 4 or 5 months before I was raped. He never pulled out. Always cam in me. After the incident I tried to block it out and a few days later I got back with my boyfriend. I had s_x with my boyfriend on September 15, 2004. I was raped on September 27th sometime after 2am. On Tuesday the 28th I got back with my boyfriend and we had s_x on that Tuesday and Wednesday unprotected. In November I finally took a pregnancy test because I didn't think anything of it. I am very irregular. When I took the tests they came out positive. I got a sonagram done and the test showed I was 9 weeks pregnant. When I counted back from the 9 weeks the date was September 29, 2004. I am not sure which one got me pregnant. I finally told my man everything and also that I think that it might not be his because we have been trying for 4 to 5 months and never got pregnant and he is much older than the guy who raped me. Then all of a sudden I get pregnant right during the time of this situation. Now my boyfriend kicked me out and I live back at home. We are broken up for good. Just reading all of this who do you think the father is???


whatever - December 30



t - December 30

Wow, that's complicated. Did you press charges against the rapist? You still can, you know. My friend had that happen when she was 15, it wasn't exactly a date but she did go off with him AND she didn't fight him because she was afraid of getting hurt. He's still in jail from that, and she wasn't able to press charges for months. I would suggest a paternity test when the baby is born. It's important to know in case a genetic problem pops up, then you will know the family history. I hope things work out for you...obviously your BF wasn't a keeper if he would dump you like that, for something not even your fault.


kate - December 31

If you reported the s_xual a__sault, at the hospital during the examination you would probably have received a morning after pill.


Marie - December 31

To answer both of your questions. I have had this happened to me before and I went to the police years ago when I was younger and nothing happened. Pressing charges won't do a bit of good. I was just raped all over by the system and I refuse to have that happen again. As far as my ex goes there is no future with us or the baby regardless. I am going to be a single mother. I doubt it is his anyway. You are so right about my ex. At least I know now than later. I'm going to go into 2005 on a good note. God let's situations happen for a reason. I'm so excited about my baby. Thanks for your comments. In the future can others not comment on the rape. I am very aware of the entire process of what I could have done and whatever. I have already made the best decision for myself.


Shaa - December 31

I'm sorry to hear of your situation Marie. To answer your question, the only way you're going to know who the father is is to have them both take a DNA. I hope things get better for you.


Dez - January 2

you can have dna testing done while your pregnant, although its probably pretty costly


G - January 2

Jerry Springer will do a free DNA test on the baby when it's born. Sorry you were raped, but you must be hanging out with the wrong people if it was the second time it's happened. Ever consider abortion?


to Marie - January 3

Sorry, one more comment. Marie, I'm really sorry that you were unable to get the help you needed the first time this happened to you. Occasionally girls do slip through the system. That being said, I hope you do realize that in refusing to file a police report you are making it possible for this guy to keep on raping other girls. When they don't have to take the consequences, guys like that just think they are justified in what they are doing, and keep on doing it again and again. I do hope that everything works out for you, and that you are OK with the decisions you have made in regards to this guy.


zulema - January 3

this sounds like one of those situations where you did it with someone you regret and ended up pregnant, and used being raped as an excuse not to look so bad, because you still had your boyfriend in your life and thats who you wanted to be with. I am sorry you are in that situation but all you can do is wait.



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