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Lacy - November 2

okay ladies...my husband is absolutely wonderful...very involved, etc. BUT, he wants to name our baby boy Tuff...I dont. (he's a cowboy, big fan of Tuff Hedeman the bullrider) This is the only name he likes!! I say no, and he says, well what do you like? I can list about a million names, but he likes none. Some people have had mixed reactions, (No way!, and Oh!, well thats a great name) What do you think about the name, and if you hate it, how can I get him to be reasonable about it?? P.S. what if our babe isnt Tuff =) and gets teased about his name? lol, help me...


LOL!! - November 2

Men are morons. I would tell him that Tuff is out for the first name, but perhaps you could pick the first name and Tuff could be the middle? When I was pregnant my daughter's father wanted a son...to be named Jaromir Jager, after the hockey guy. No freaking way! Thankfully I had a girl and did not have to compromise....but good luck to you. And be strong and "say no to Tuff:!!!


Beth S - November 2

I think that you two should compromise a little. especially him. he should at least have a few more names to choose from like you do. i dont think that name would be as bad if it was the middle but maybe if you keep at him he will come up with some better names


Lisa - November 2

I think may be you should talk about it a little bit more together and come to an agreement on something you both can live with.


Jodie - November 2

When i found out i was pregnant i told my partner if we had a boy he could name him ( i was convinced i was having a girl) after we found out we were having a boy he decided that brougham would be an excellent name (its a car here in australia), i told him there was no way in hell i was calling my son brougham. He came up with more c___ppy names, named after cars or tv characters until i told him i didnt want our child named after a car or character, so eventually he came up with connor to which i happily agreed, until i found out it was from a movie, not to worry its connor now


:o) - November 2

Tuff isn't so horrible, I would say if your hubby really likes it use it as a middle name.


mom of 4 - November 2

well, it really doesn't matter what every one elase thinks...what matters is what you two think..and you both need to agree...would you be ok with a compromise..like tuff as a middle name if you get to pick the first name or agreeing to call him tuff as a nick name but actually naming him something else...


Gemma - November 3

I don't like it and the child would be picked on. Men do come up with some really rediculous names sometimes but atleast he is showing some interest.


AS NAILS - November 3

Tuff is an okay name and if he isn't tuff you can always call him tuffani or tuffany .loL


HMM? - November 3

My husband also doesn't agree with any name I've suggested. I think it's because he has his mind programmed on what he likes, and doesn't really consider the options. He wants to name ours after a bunch of dead relatives that he never even knew just to suck up to his mom. I personally can't see calling a kid "Tuff" all the time. "Hey Tuff! It's time to come in!". "No no Tuff!" Sooner or later you'll be saying, "Get down from that chair Tuffy." Just picture yourself using a certain name as you are calling him, or disciplining him. That's what I've done, and it worked for me.So I think your husband is a little nuts. And should just let you figure it out.That's what we did, and it just happened to be that the names that came to my mind(which I didn't know until he told me) were from my husband's grandparents, who are very sweet, and caring.


To Lacy - November 4

Do what I did in a kidding manner of course tell him They only consult the mother for the Birth Certificate...or something to lighten the mood get him joking and laughing alittle and explain to him that you are just not going to name your baby boy "tuff" its kinda cute, but really its a adjective not a name lol tell him that TOO! You need to agree you really do.


P.S> To lacy again - November 4

mine wants to name our Boy if we have one ORVILLE im like ARE U KIDDING ME.....it was his fathers middle name and he is gone now and im on board with that, BUT BUT BUT remember popcorn etc........u just gotta compromise


@ ) - November 4

I like 'as nails' idea of tuffani if he isn't tuff! that was cute!


D - November 4

I think the risk of being teased is something he should consider. It can be a serious problem for your son down the road. I think it would be a cute nickname, but that's all.


Name - November 4

I LOVE it. But if you don't, use it as a middle name or even a second middle name. He WON'T get picked on. Why is that such a huge deal? Kids aren't cruel.


kris A. - November 4

Point out to your husband that Tuff Hedeman's actual birth name is Richard - his NICKNAME is Tuff. Then proceed to name your son a name you can both live with (How about Lane - after Lane Frost - Tuff's best friend who died bullriding...) and he can call his son Tuff as a nickname.


Lacy - November 7

thanks guys...the tuffani thing was funny! Well, maybe I could compromise, and go with the middle name...and he knows that tuff hedemans real name was richard, but he said, " Well, they call him Tuff, because obviously that's a better name than Richard!" He said, if i really hate it...then we dont have to name him that...but, in the spirit of compromise, i may let him have it as a middle name, or nickname. He loves it! Anymore opinions would be great!



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