Who S Crazy Me Or Him

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Lacy - November 7

thanks guys...the tuffani thing was funny! Well, maybe I could compromise, and go with the middle name...and he knows that tuff hedemans real name was richard, but he said, " Well, they call him Tuff, because obviously that's a better name than Richard!" He said, if i really hate it...then we dont have to name him that...but, in the spirit of compromise, i may let him have it as a middle name, or nickname. He loves it! Anymore opinions would be great!


J - November 7

Well I am french canadian and just to let you know "Tuff" here for us, means a girls hair on her v____a. lol and i am serious but I guess if you dont live anywhere where there are french people you are safe. : )


hi - November 8

no he is definately crazy. I think it's a silly name myself but would be cute as a nick name for only his family to call him. Actually Tuff is just the bullriders nickname. His real name is Richard Hedeman. Richard "Tuff" Hedeman. So let your husband know that not even Tuff's mom and dad named there son Tuff. I think it is cute as a nickname for you and your family to call him, but please don't put it on his birth certificate unless it's a middle name or something. Good Luck.


~m~ - November 8

Lacy, you're only the 2nd person I've heard say that name (well, outside of 8 Seconds). There is a little boy in my area who goes by Tuff. But that is a nickname, not his real name. So if you really don't want to name him that, you could always compromise with your hubby. Name him something you both like, then let hubby call him Tuff as a nickname. You always have the option of calling him by his real name, PLUS hubby gets what he wants too! Good luck!


Lacy - November 9

OMG, LMAO! I am not letting him name my son v____a hair! haha lol. That settles it. dang...i was actually starting to think it was cute too!


Samantha - November 9

Haha. That name reminded me of my friends dog, Tuffy. My fiance wanted to name my daughter, Lulu, Rikku, Paine, or Yuna. These names are from Final Fantasy games!!!! Hes nuts! I finally pick the middle name- Celes which its from Final Fantasy games! Oh boy... good luck with the names! =)


Like it still - November 9

I still think Tuff is cute. You probably do not plan on moving to where there are French people, right? Tuff doesn't mean the samething in English so it doesn't matter! We promise not to tell anyone what it means in French!


Lacy - November 10

haha, no i dont see a move to france in the near future...so maybe I will still let him have it as a middle name. Even if we dont officially name him that, it will be a really cute nickname!


kokybee - November 10

sorry I got to side with your husband, I wanted my boy to be named Tuff, am still going to with one of the next ones, and as far as that goes, we had a name picked out up untill we were driving to the hospital my husband told me he wants to call our baby Alvin, his own name) I hated that name and fought with him all thru labor , guess what! I have a little alvin now, and i have learned to like it, I hope you can get it figured out, :) Pregnancy can be stressful and hilarous, remember a man only gets one first born son, in a way he should get to name him, :)


Lacy - November 17

doesnt a woman only get one first born son too??


L - November 17

If you husband knows anythign about Tuff Hedeman, then he'll know that they can only be one Tuff in this world. How about Lane? What a great tribute that would be.


Lacy - November 17

Haha...I guess he wasnt aware that there could only be one Tuff..and trust me, he knows quite a bit about Tuff Hedeman. We personally dont like the name Lane. Im not sure why, but it just doesnt sound like a good name for our baby. This is SO HARD!!!


belle - November 17

I feel for you, my husband comes up with the most horrible names! The best 2 are: Zasger & Duncan. I'm sorry, those names are not an option!!! Of course, he would also LOVE to have a "junior", but I am not really into having 2 Dustin's in the house! errrrr!!! I pray we have girls! We seem to agree on girls names!


mellissa - November 17

for the longest time, my husband was stuck on the name Cope!! Sorry, but what kind of name is that? i eventually wore him down and he decided he liked Cole. I didn't like that either (i prefer names like preston, hunter, connor, etc..) so we started looking at different names that sound kinda like cole, and decided we both like Kale (and that's a race car driver from a long time ago, so bonus for him)... we ended up having a girl, so it didn't matter then. But now we're back in the same argument again because I just found out we're having another baby. Here we go again.... All I can say it stick with it, his resistence will wear thin. :)


Lacy - November 18

I think Kale is a cute name...I knew a guy named Kale in high school, and he had a brother named Kit...which I wasnt fond of. He always got called Kitty or Kitten. So, I guess some people just love those strange names. I havent completely decided whether or not Im going to tell him no, or just say maybe for a middle name...He is SO stuck on it. I told Him how about Ty instead, and he likes that ok. What do you think of that name?


mellissa - November 19

i love the name Ty.... i think it's a really nice name. if he even likes it a tiny bit, i say stick with it, he'll start liking it more and more. That's what happened with me. The name Tuff reminds me of a second cousin I have named Tuffy, and he's like dirty and gross...so that's what I think of when I hear the name. LOL. It's funny how you a__sociate names with people, huh? I like the name Emi for a girl, but I knew a girl by that name and she was a major b**ch....so that's out. Weird how it works!!



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