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Curious - November 2

I have been seeing someone for 2 years, of which we have been off and on. The first time we took a break, I slept with someone else and got pregnant, unfortunately having a miscarriage. We got back together for a year and had another break, of which I slept with someone else again and got pregnant. Now I am unsure of who the father is because there was only a week between the two potential fathers. I was thinking maybe my ex has a fertility problem since we had been together for almost 2 years and the only two times I got pregnant was when I was with someone else. How can I be sure who the father is without spending hundreds of dollar on prenatal paternity testing?


... - November 2

sorry to say but if its that close you will most likey be getting a paternity test.... not trying to lecture or be mean cause im not like that, but try wearing condoms that should help solve some problems


:o) - November 2

Find out how many weeks you are.If you slept with them a week a apart it shouldn't be that hard to figure out.


mom of 4 - November 2

ah..you can't ..sorry but it lokos like you are going to have to take the test...


If you... - November 2

get medicaid and tell them you don't know who the father is when they ask, they'll probably pay to have the paternity test done for child support.


:o) - November 2

Having an ultra sound will tell you how many weeks you are! You CAN figure out who the father is this way! But if you really want to spend the money on a paternity test go ahead, but it will end up being the guy you slept with the week you conceived! Duh


"" - November 2

What I meant was the guy you thought you were pregnant by according to how many weeks you are.


Lisa - November 2

Paternity testing is the only way to go to be 100% sure.


Jodie - November 2

An ultrasound cant accurately predict when you conceived, ive been given 3 different due dates going off my ultrasounds


JC - November 2

I am the Father...


CJ - November 2

No, I'm the father...


js - November 3

Not accurate at all - DNA is the only way to be 100% sure. I was given 4 different due dates which effected the conception date. They still aren't 100% sure. It's not exact - not like DNA...


anita - November 3

definaltely get the paternity test. even when you find out how many wks you are there's no way to be sure the exact day of conception. the ultrasound can tell you how far you are within about a week usually, but that's not good enough for your situation. the baby might also be big or small for its age. i know when i concieved and at my first ultrasound they said the baby looked 13wks when she was exactly 12wks that day and the tech said that's normal, as long as the baby's within about a week. & at my second us, she's still big. why don't you try If You's suggestion with medicaid and if you don't use medicaid, go online and order a test. i had a friend that did that and it only cost her about $200. either way, you do need to get a test done b/c all this guessing isn't fair to anyone. good luck.


T - November 3

My last period was the 27th or 28th of july it was a 2 or 3 days longer than normal. I messed around with this guy on the 27th of july and I was still on my period. We didn't have s_x but our areas were close and almost touching if you know what I mean plus I had a tampon in. I then had s_x with my ex boyfriend a couple of times after that in august. I found out that I was pregnant in sept. and when I went to the doctor at the end of sept. the doctor said my uterus felt like it was just about 9 weeks. when do you think my baby was concieved and who's the father? Could my doctor be 2 weeks off?


Melissa - November 3

~T~ ...if you didnt have s_x with the other guy...plus you were still on your period AND had a tampon in....Your ex-boyfriend is most likely the father! You having s_x in August and finding out you are pregnant in September sounds like perfect timing for it to be your ex's. With that new info..I am about 98% sure it is your ex's......


Lisa - November 3

I agree with Melissa.


me - November 3




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