Who S The Father 2

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lele - August 3

First day of last period was 11/20. Used withdrawal method with man #1 on 11/27. We had s_x twice and he didn't clean up in between. Had s_x with man #2 on 11/28, he ejaculated inside me. Had been having s_x with man #2 for the past year, and had never gotten pregnant. We also had s_x on 12/09, but early ultrasound showed that the baby was most likely conceived on 27th/28th. Yes, just a week after my period started. Please help. Wouldn't Man #2 most likely be the dad since he came inside me?


wow - August 3

That is close since you had s_x on both days. It could be either one since you can get pregnant from prec_m. But if #2 came inside of you, then of course there is greater probability.


Ranya - August 4

There's really no straight answer, you'll just have to do a paternity test, there is no way for us or even the doctor to tell you at this point.


Me - August 4

I think you need to learn how to use protection if you are going to be having s_x with 2 different men. I hope that you were getting PAID for it.


Geez - August 4

Sorry about your luck but I think only a DNA test will tell you who's the daddy. You should probably start using protection and stop sleeping with so many men.


dayi - August 4

omg everytime i hear something like this makes me sick how can you have s_x with two man and no use protection but iam noone to blame you.is man 2 your husband because u said you been havin s_x with him for years then i asume man 1 is a lover since you diren't specialised how long you were having s_x with him well i will first ask man#1 to do a dna test before your husband or whomever man 2 is before he finds out and if the test is negative then you would't have to tell man 2 wich have a greater posibility because he ejaculated and could be your baby dady don't tell him to do the test firts because if he is o boy he is going to be mad at you and probably will never enen suport you with the baby (i don't blame him) imagine if he will have gotten another woman pregnant and you were his wife what would you do.but like i said i am no one to blame you but next time use protection or don't have s_x with 2 diferent guys because.


hmm - August 4

I always wonder why someone posts if they have no legitimate insight or advice. Judgemental snotty comments never help anyone.


lele - August 4

No, man #2 isn't my husband. He is one of my best friends I've known for years. We aren't good in a relationship, but find it hard to let go completely. Not saying it's right, just the way we did things. Man #1 is a guy I was dating for a couple of months and did not intend on sleeping with, but goofed up and did anyway after we went out and drank entirely too much. Obviously, I should've used protection and obviously I was being stupid and careless. I'm fully aware of this.


Jess - August 4

Lele- did you tell both men about the baby? Or did you then them about each other? And what did they say?


lele - August 4

Yes, they both know. #2 thinks and hopes the baby is his. #1 ran away with his tail between his legs, denying any part of it. Hopefully, they're both right.


Jess - August 4

Lele- well I hope everything works out great for you and the babies sake, Good Luck


kris - August 4

Not to sound holier-than-thou or anything, but maybe these 'whose the daddy' threads could be moved to s_x and pregancy forums - I dont watch Maury and hate these "fingering, pre-c_m, am I pregnant, whose the daddy, I swallowed am I pregnant teenage type questions" - TMI for me and we cant help anyway... I personally like the mature (but just as icky) pressure down there, leaking pee, anyone else out there suffering like me type or the humerous stuff...


dayi - August 4

ok lele then if no one of them was a serious relatinship is good that you told both of them what hapendare you planing on keeping the baby.and if the baby is from man#2 which probably is and i hope since man #1 ran away with his tail under his leg like if he diren't know that having s_x contribute to also having a baby. and also for the person who said i wonder why someone post if the had no legiment insight or advive.judmental snotty never helps. well she is here so we can advice her and no body is judging her if you are not blind and read my post i said i was no one to blame her or judge her and then i gave her some advice so next time read carefully before you judge.



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