Who Should Have More Say In Naming

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Name - October 27

Who should have more say in naming a baby? The father or the mother? Why?


Bonnie - October 27

If you are both together and commited than, imo, neither has more say. I'm 28 weeks now and my DH and I STILL can't agree on a name, lol. We figure we'll find one by the time baby comes that we can both live with. It is frustrating to not have my favortie names used, but then again, he's not only going to be my son so it is not just up to me. My 2 cents.


karine - October 27

I let my hubby chose my first. for daughter . cause it was a name he had chosen since he was a little boy. Jade. so i let it, i knew we were going to have another child. and we did. i named him jacob. and now we are pregnant for the third. if its a girl i get to name her, and if its a boy he gets to name him. it will be Mckenzie or Connor. I think that if you are commited and together both should agree to somthing. and if youre going to be a single mom, and the father is gone and will only pay child support, than i think the mom should have more say.


to name - October 27

i believe you should both agree on a name, but if that never happened...then i think the mother should have more say in what the name will be...maybe the father can pick out a middle name. you are the one carrying the child, nurturing the child within you for 9 months...you are probably going to be the one taking care of the child most of the time when it comes into the world most...and if you guys get divorced chances are you will get custody unless you choose not to.


klmr - October 27

Well, I don't either parent should have more say. My husband both adore the same girls name, but if we have a boy, we will be in trouble. He wants a "junior" and I am not a fan of that. I think the baby should have his own name, I am fine with giving my son his fathers name as a middle name, but nothing seems to go with it!


>>> - October 27

I don't agree with giving the mother more of a choice (unless you are not married or not in a commited relationship, etc). It implies that we have the harder job...we carry the burder, spend more time with the child, do more disiplining, and that the fatehr takes a secondary role and will not raise the child as well as mom can. A good father will not have a secondary role but will be equal therefore he should have just as much say,


Lisa - October 27

If you are married it should be a joint decision...it took my husband and I a while to agree but we finally did. It's his baby too and we are married; we share everything else. If I was not married to him though the baby would be named by me with my last name...


Ha! : ) - October 27

Who ever has the best name!


: ) - October 27

Karine- I just thought it was cute your husband named your daughter because he had a named picked out since he was a little boy because that is the same thing me and my little girls dad did, he wanted to name his daughter Kaitlyn since he was a kid so that is what we named her! I get to name this baby though, it is a boy!


Anne - October 27

I think it takes two to make the baby, so both should have equal say, as long as you are still in the relationship/marriage. It seems to me that if one gets more say, it probably happens on a regular basis anyway and that says something about a relationship. Just my opinion....


Gemma - October 28

I don't think either parent should have more say but with me I will end up choosing the names and my partner will just agree or disagree with each one I come up with as he isn't really that interested in names like I am. In the end though whoever chooses the name you both need to agree on it.


D - October 28

Well, since the Mother is the one who fills out the birth certificate information, I would think she would have the final say. PLUS, who went through the pain & discomfort of pregnancy & birth!


Sherry - October 28

Well, if they baby is getting the father's last name, then I think the mother should definitely get to chose the first name!


EXCUSE ME BUT >>> - October 29

I don't think either one of you should be allowed to choose the name ... personally ALL OF US should decide that one . WE DON'T think it's fair that you would come here but NOT INCLUDE US .... that's just fine ! don't you trust us ? LOL .... having said that I think its best you go at the name together but if either one of you really hates a chosen name ....well... I guess you could just ask us what we think LOL


Bonnie to D - October 29

Pfffft, lol. Maybe we have to deal with the pain and suffering but the men have to deal with the pain and suffering of us, lol. I dunno know bout you, but my poor DH has had to put up with an awful lot of mood swings, outbursts, tears, and whinyness from me! :D


S.C. - October 29

I've been a little snappy. But I'm trying to catch it. The snappy stuff has been shocking me! But that's nothing. My husband thinks he has a license to be demon posessed both times I've been pregnant! I know his hormones aren't changing! He would even rather our baby not have a middle name than compromise, or even discuss names with me. He's just been outragous lately!


Laura - October 30

I think it depends on whether you are still in a relationship with the father. If your not, in the end it comes down to what you want.



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