Who Took My Sex Drive Away

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Newhoneybuns - May 17

i have no desire what so ever to have s_x with my hubby wish causes lots of problems for us lately cause he wants it everyday and he cant understand why we did it 3 times a day before we got pregnant and now it's once every 2 weeks. I cant really explain it to him neither so sometimes i just give up and do it anyways so he wont bother me for a day or 2. But he also keeps asking what he's done wrong and if i dont find him attractive anymore and all. Which aint the case it's just the s_x drive that is gone. Anyone got tips on how to make him understand ? or any other tips on that subject will also be appreciated Thanks


livdea - May 17

hormones are a b___h. I'm a single momma with a SOARING s_x drive...I'd trade you if I could! Never had such a drive and then no one to take it out on...!!!! It's all the hormones. Explain that to hubby. Though he'll likely not understand anyway. I've heard you either get a soaring s_x drive or you get yours taken away when you get pregnant...looks like you were one of the unlucky ones...and in my spot, I'm one of the unlucky ones too!! Good luck!!


angie m - May 17

I had the same problem. Your story and every single detail could be mine. I never found a way to help him understand but with my second pregnancy he was a little better, just a little. I feel so bad for you because I know how you feel. I wish I could help but I don't think there is any thing we can do to help them understand. Good luck.


Ddvinson3 - May 17

I don't know but when you find out who did can you let me know because i think they have mine too! LOL


aggie03 - May 17

I feel the same way, even if I want to Im usually too tired to even roll over. I heard it gets better in the 2nd tri. How far along are you.


Ddvinson3 - May 17

I'm in my second! I'm 21 weeks I wish it would get better!


Been There - May 17

Maybe you could try saying something like, "Honey, you know you're the s_xiest man on earth to me. You know how much I just loved it daily. Please understand that right now, I'm not feeling like the most s_xy woman in the world because my body is changing and I'm trying to adjust. I appreciate that you still find me very attractive. Actually, I'm giving you a break right now because, after I deliver and am back to being myself, you'll have to watch out!" By the way, I too prefer to go weeks at a time without. I was absolutely into getting it constantly before, now that's come to a halt. My husband acknowledges it's because I'm pregnant. So, because he's being so sweet about it, I consent every so often. Another thing that works is (being discreet) alternatives.


angie m - May 17

Been There I loved your answer. Made me laugh and sounds great. If I have another I will try it out on my hubby when my hormones take a vacation.


Newhoneybuns - May 17

lol Ddvinson3 i still cant find who did it :p And as of for 2nd trimester well i'm 18 weeks pregnant so i guess that's so much for that. What i thought also is that i am 28 years old and boyfriend is 21 so that could also be why i dont know lol But yes i do believe it is the hormones :(


Newhoneybuns - May 17

oh and i forgot to say thanks for the tip "Been There" i'll try telling that to boyfriend tonight :) If anyone wanna talk without the board you can add my email adress :) [email protected]


sa__sifras - May 18

If I can't get it as often as possible I might lose my mind, this is something very new for me......ad the first tri he knew not to even come near me. Now he has actually said he needs to rest for a bit after the 3rd or 4th time that day. I never got a break from being sore!! But i am sure this is temporary so I keep reminding him to enjoy it while he cans, cuz I will no matter what he feels like!!


nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and i wish i had my s_x drive back. I'm lucky if i feel like having s_x once every 2 weeks. it's never lately. and when i do get a little tiny bit of a drive for it it goes away in like 5 minutes. this sucks!!


Ddvinson3 - May 19

Been There man that cracked me up but I think it just might work! I'm going to try it tonight! Thanks Good luck everyone else with the s_x thing! It's just not happening for me!


Patti - May 19

I hate to say this but I lose my s_x drive at about 6 weeks and don't get it back until the baby's about 8 weeks old or so. I always heard about getting it back in the second trimester, but I never do (4th pregnancy.) It is very difficult because the men think we don't desire them. My DH needs reminding every now and then that this is just how I am during pregnancy and that my s_x drive will come back, eventually. I'm probably too nice, but I give in to s_x ( in some form) about 2-3 times a week. If I'm really not into it, I do say no and it won't happen. Sometimes I pretend that I'm happy to do it because he will feel guilty if I'm not into it. He gets lots of oral when I'm pregnant and doesn't seem to mind :) I find it easy and fast. By all means I'm not telling anyone else to give in or anything. It's just me, and I don't mind. If you are really opposed to s_x, don't do it. Damn I sound so cold, but I could care less if I ever have s_x again, at least right now. I have to agree with Been There. Just let him know that it's strictly hormones and that you will get it back. Remind him of how your s_x life used to be and that you don't desire s_x at all. It's not him, cause you think he's the s_xiest man there is. Getting them to understand and not feel hurt is hard, especially the first time around. Good luck to you!



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