Whos My Baby Daddy

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babygirl84 - February 2

im not exactly sure when my last period was i belive it was during the 2nd week of december i am pregnant if found out jan. 8th me and my boyfriend split for like 2 months we were seeing other people but still having intercourse together on the regular but on dec. 25th i had intercourse with another friend the doctor said i conceived around the 21st of dec and my ultrasound says i conceived around the 26th of dec could a pregnancy test tell i was pregnant just 2 weeks after intercourse. im really hoping the father is my ex-boyfriend which around the 21st would be right . please help me who is more likely to be the father my doctors says im 8 weeks and 1 day today but he ultrasound says 7 weeks and 3 day going by how big the baby is i guess which one is right?


Alycia - February 2

There's no way to know for sure without doing a paternity test after the child is born, unfortunately. Ultrasounds are often somewhat inaccurate - my 9 1/2 week u/s said my conception date was seven days off what I 100% know it was. And yes, a test can tell you're pregnant two weeks after intercourse - I got my positive 11 days after. Good luck to you.


Anon - February 2

I thought an amnio could be done for paternity tests to determine who the farther was. I could be very wrong though so dont hold me to that. Maybe someone could correct me though.


krc - February 2

An amnio can be done but they are very expensive and usually only done if there is a problem with the pregnancy and they need more extensive tests done. Also if you have an amnio done before your 3rd trimester there is a risk of losing your baby. 1st trimester you can miscarry, 2nd you can go into premature labor. Thats because it is dangerous to puncture a hole in the placenta sac. You shouldn't get an amnio just for paternity sake. Just wait it out because it's not worth losing your baby over.



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