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kels - April 14

i have been having s_x with my spouse everyday trying to conceive i made a huge mistake and slept with my ex also if my last period started on march 23 when are my feritle days if i slept with my ex on the 29th would it be possible to be pregnant if i wasnt feritile . how many weeks does it take to find out you are pregnant with a home test


Karen_Fletcher - April 14

hi, i just answered another one of yours "how far along..." i would think if you only slept with the guy the 1 time on the 29th march and i would a__sume your period had only just finished then you should be ok and it would be your hubbies if you fell pg this month cos i was working on your period being about 28 days, if so then ovulation usually happens 12-14 days after the start of your last period..... sperm can last up 5 days in good cervix conditions, ie lots of cervical mucus etc. like i say i think you should be ok.....(please note i try not to judge as im sure you are in enough turmoil) as far as hpts go, you can normally take them on the 1st day of a missed period but i would advise you to wait until you are about 4/5 days late and then use a clearblue test (they were the best for me) hope everything works out for you :o)


DakotasMom - April 14

The only REAL way to know whose baby it could be is to get a DNA test when the baby is born. You can get pregnant at any time, just you have a extremely greater chance during your fertile days. Also, for me when i took home tests, i never got accurate results until a week after my period, Good luck to you and i hope everything works out the way you want!


Tess - April 14

Usually 2 wks after your 1st day of your last period.


ThePezChick - April 15

I would think if your period lasts 4-5 days you should be fine. The baby should be your husbands. However, don't go by the 12-14 day rule. I tried to get pregnant using ovulation tests and, after 3 months of using the 12-14 day rule, found out I ovulate much earlier than most people. I agree with Dakota. The only true way to find out is through a DNA test. Good luck!



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