Why Are My Breast Leaking

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Maddie - April 25

I'm at 32 weeks. In the bathtub the other day I noticed that I was lactating, and could massage my areolas and they were producing small amounts of milk. Now, I am sitting at the computer and my left br___t seems to be slightly leaking milk? It's really clear liquid though. Is this bad or normal?


lilmum - April 25

I'm pretty sure it is, a few of my friends and my mother said they lactated in their last trimester, my mom said with my little sis she started over two months before she was due.


Noel - April 25

if this isnt your first child, then id expect it to be normal. but if it is, id prolly see a doctor. when your milk first comes in, its thicker and has a yellowish/ orange color (called colostrum). that usually comes in right after delivery.


Jbear - April 26

I leaked clear fluid from about 6 months on with my first pregnancy, and am leaking already at 22 weeks in my 2nd pregnancy. There are little disposable pads you can buy in the baby aisle that you stick into your bra so you don't get wet spots on your shirts. If you're leaking a lot at night, you can sleep in a loose sports bra with the pads. You know what's funny though? With all the stuff I was leaking, I wasn't able to b___stfeed my daughter. I'm going to try again with this baby.


Katharine - April 26

I lactated early with my first pregnancy and started at 25 weeks this time (see my disgusted post in Third Trimester!). Totally normal, but a pain in the...


sarita - April 26

Colostrum is clear and perfectly normal. I started at 5 months with my daughter and am leaking now at 18 weeks. Don't worry about it.


Rebecca - May 3

Totally normal! I leaked like crazy when I was pregnant with my son. It started pretty early on too. Don't worry about it:o)


April - May 3

even if this is your first child it's normal... mine have been leaking a little bit when i sleep (or sweat) since i was about 20 weeks... my doctors and the pregnancy books say this is completely normal... but it's not milk... like noel said it's colostrum... the milk doesn't come until a few days after your baby is born.


Kris - May 4

You should be thrilled you are leaking colostrum!!!! It sounds like you could have a very successful early nursing experience with your newborn!!! I had very little colostrum and b/c I was exclusively nursing, my baby lost too much weight. When my milk came in 4 days after my son was born, he had more than enough!!! Before that, however, I had to suppliment with formula after each 30 minute nursing session until my milk came in. Collustrum is PERFECT food for your newborn!!! Best wishes Maddie!!!


D - May 4

I started leaking clear fluid last week... I'm now at 16 weeks, and this is my first. The literature my doc gave me says this is completely normal, and can start anywhere from the 4th month on. I'll mention it to her at my next appt, but I'm not worried about it in the slightest! Its just a little annoying sometimes to suddenly have a stream of fluid pour out! :)


tehProgamer - May 4

it's perfectly normal


sherry - May 6

im 40 years old, had a hysterectomy 15 years ago and my b___sts are leaking fluid and b___st are lumpy



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